Saturday, 31 October 2009

Dismay Part 2

...and she got soOooooOoo pissed off that she directly blocked me in msn 5 minutes later =.="
...and 10 minutes later, I was removed from her friends list in Facebook T^T

Damn, I was totally shocked at first. Losing a friend like that doesn't really sounds right to me. I mean, I really done it again, hurting people that I shouldn't. We didn't talked nor msn for a few months. Dang, it feels so weird suddenly losing someone to talk to everyday. Have you got that feeling too?

But I just get on with my life and eventually with some compromising and tolerating, we become friends again, and still talked crap in msn but as exam is getting nearer. We have less time to talk to each other, but hey, at least we are back as friends. And I couldn't feel any better.

Case 3: __________________________
I will let you be the one to fill in the blanks (reminds me of the good'ol English paper that ask us to do the 'fill in the blanks')

Just when I thought I learnt my mistakes in case 2. I did it again. And that is the sole reason why I'm still writing this entry after posting my 1st entry a while ago.

Well, I accidentally used the wrong word in a wrong manner. This friend of mine, who I thought quite friendly and outgoing, not to mention her wackiness XD
and yes, I did it again... Giving out an opinion that I shouldn't.

We were talking about something related to brand obsession, and I actually said "there are some PATHETIC people in this world that go over the top by buying everything related to the brand..."

Is nothing personal honestly, i just give out my opinion. But I use the wrong word...
And that word "PATHETIC" basically kills it. Is like shooting an arrow straight from the back of the head - Headshot.

After my remarks, she kind of get upset and I can feel that she IS annoyed by my wrongly used word (& I called myself an English Student -.-")
Sorry I must say, I always say the wrong things at the wrong time. T^T


Anyway, that wraps up my dismay and inner side of me that is written in this entry.
I feel better now putting it down here. Just wish that, others won't make the same mistake as I am.

And remember,

Different person requires different way of speaking, don't use the same way of talking to interact to anyone that you met. Just like a key with a lock. Only the correct key will unlock the correct lock.




It is 3 am in the morning and I'm not sleeping when I suppose to. This shows how important this entry is to me. The following entry is the true me, which I rarely post up in my blog.

I'm a bloody direct person and I often offend people subconsciously, unconsciously or even consciously. That is why I'm grateful to my friends that still stick around me even after enduring my 'bombardment'. I TRULY THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING WITH ME. Gracias.

My 生死之交 (long-time best pal) said that I 得罪人多,称呼人少. Which means I offend people more than actually greeting them. Well, you are right my friend. I could not say it much better myself.

I don't really want to, what normal human beings would want to offend people just for the sake of fun?
Not me that is for sure. But sometimes human just can't get away from those silly mistakes that they will make. Sorry, if I did offend you and I really apologize for it.


This history of me offending people can stretch as far as human can imagine, with the sky as the limit (those that I realized + those that I don't)
Here is some I recalled.

Case 1: The word 'fat' to any women kills.
Seriously, either you mean it, or don't. This taboo kills.
I experienced this few years ago when I accidentally say the word 'fat' when describing a friend of mine. Damn, even though she was not there at the first place, she somehow got to know about it and friendship GONE in less than an hour.
I don't mean it for god sake and I feel really bad about it. I really like her as a friend, and just when I thought I found someone that I can share things with...
She was gone. And I'm the one to blame.

It was really painful losing a friend, and even more disheartening if that is a friend that you cherish a lot. We didn't talked for a few years until 6 months ago when we met again. The tension has gone and we are still friends soon after that. (She is still as charismatic as she was, ^^b)

But whenever I saw her, I felt this guilt I can't suppress. I really shouldn't say what I said that year. The year that I lost my friend.

Case 2: Offended an abroad friend of mine.

This girl, very young, around 14 when I first know her. Ouch... I shouldn't do so. She is this kind of girl that being outgoing and sarcastic at the same time. But don't know why, I don't have problem being with them. In fact, I found them to be quite interesting bunch of people.

This friend of mine, I would address her as B. Added me in Restaurant City(RC) (Seriously, I met a lot of new friends through Facebook) I saw her display picture and I gotten curious of her so I sent her a message in RC and soon later we exchanged msn and later Skype. She was really outgoing and we had a good conversation flowing nearly everyday. Exchanging songs, favourites and yes, Pet Society news and updates everyday even though I stopped playing it like few months ago. She was a nice friend honestly, and I really regret hurting her.

She joined this forum in Pet Society and I somehow got invited by her to this group of people in the forum that she cherished and trusted with. Well, I made a huge mistake of turning a personal opinion into something worse. Plus with the types of words I used, I think I lost her trust that day onwards. I said "These friends of yours looks as if they are acting as true friends in the forum, and I think they are not as true as they appeared to be."

And oh my... She...




Friday, 16 October 2009

Poppy night out

DC brought his friends from Ipoh this time around, they are a bunch of nice guys, too bad, they didn't have much fun that day, may be is because this OUR territory XD
Not Ipoh anymore.

We drove Eunice's car and DC did quite a good job 'taking care' of it. Haha! At least there are no scratch on it. But we did kena road-block at the end of the night^^"
But that is later.

Even though I'm not as high as the night at Quattro with my Hua Lian schoolmates. But still knowing new people made my day ^^b

We open one Chivas and one Apple Bacardi. They say we can win some "attractive" prizes with every purchase of liquor. And yes, we won something. A god damn Poppy lanyard and a T-Shirt which DC wore later. Hoho! I thought we going to win another Chivas XD

Later, we went to 'cool down' as some of the girls are EXTREMELY HIGH, is like 999999% over the top, until they did something like this...

Before we went home, I saw something interesting and took a video of it.
Joy's name is in the board! hoho!



Walao! How can I forgot about the road block? It is like this, we went home quite 'drunk', but we can still count 1 2 3 and walk straight line of course. We saw this road-block like few meters away and we didn't really slow down until the police shout...


Damn, scary okay? First time a police officer yelling at us =.="
I thought we were doomed T.T
Then the guy with his angry voice checked our IC, & he deliberately accused some of us were underage... What? Just because there are 20 year old? hey! That's 'overage' okay??

Then he asked us to come out from the car and checked whether we possessed any drugs -.-"
We don't do drugs okay? We are not LaLa Zai (bad-fashioned teens).

After few minutes of heart-ranching moment, we are finally recognised as CLEAN!!
Of course we are clean!!

The level of anxiety goes down as the police officer sound so much nicer after that and said "BERHATI-HATI DI JALAN RAYA YA..." in a sweet mannered =.="

Beh Tahan...

And we have trouble starting the car, damn TENSE okay?!!!?

Haha! It was something that I will never forget XD

甜品哥哥 @ ss2




真的是汩汩焦 XD

柔小姐交了什么榴莲糕,里面真的有榴莲的!我吃了一口,不错,蛮ok的。 ^^b


之后,Ferlycia就叫了黑芝麻糊,味道也是很“嘛嘛”,所以照片就没了. ^^"


L4D 去!!!!



Thursday, 15 October 2009

Batu Caves trip with Kung and Vinu

hohohO! I'm lazy, Oh yes!

I'm procrastinating, Oh my...

But I still write blog like how I used to be.

This entry will be a bit different, as I will describe what happen that day by using pictures as the main tool in explaining.

----------------Let the pic story begins------------------

Thanks to our man Kung for inviting us for this trip, I have the opportunity to climb the stairs of Batu Caves temple. The 272 concrete steps look a bit scary at first considering it has been years since I last climb stairs =.="
but thank god it ain't as difficult as I thought.

Quin told me the day before to buy the flower thingy at the bottom of the caves in order to get blessing when I reach the top. Well, it won't harm me to try so I say why not?

After buying the things we need, we headed up the stairs...

15 minutes and we are there ^^

We got blessed twice inside the caves up there, saw an iguana along the way, and of course, who could miss the snake that was 'premiered' by the locals XD
Oh yes, Vinu loves snake (hahaha!) Chill bro! Gosh, I just realised we didn't took the picture of the snake T.T

Is a thing going up, going down is another different story...
No doubt it was easier to head down later as it is not as fatigue-demanded as going up, but looking down from 272 steps above isn't something nice either =.="
It is quite scary.

Finally we reached down and took a shot at the Murugan statue.

but what made my day was actually Kung's DSL camera ^^b
It was nice to hold a professional camera that day.
I took some shots with it. Huhu~

A white bird among the black birds
Love this picture so much ^^

Next destination, Kolam Panas Selayang.

At first we thought we can sink our feet in the pool, mana tahu, the notice there said "Don't put your feet into the pool." =.= I get it, I get it...

It feels great putting my feet in. Even though is freaking HOT!!!
Then I saw this old man putting half of his head into the hot pool...
It is ridiculous =.="
No wonder I saw some weird marks on his face...
May be it is the consequences of doing so.


Next we went to Templer's Park at Selayang.

It was very very spooky actually, very few people were at the swimming pool there, not to mention not many people tracking that place -.-"
But ya, we did have a good time there ^^b

Finally, it is time to go home, Kung brought us to buy one of the famous Burgers in town ^^
It so unique as it includes pineapple in the burgers between the patty and the bread. Ohyeaaaaah~



Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hua Lian gathering 2009 @ Laundry/Quattro Part 2

Okay, so we went to Quattro for second round, it wasn't this sinful at first. Mana tahu, things change as plan came ^^
Plus, it is Quattro we are talking about.
Is hard to resists you see.

I never been to Quattro in my life, so after long consideration, I decided to join them for clubbing at Quattro.


And I didn't regret joining ^^b


The place was awesome, music are right, ambiance was just perfect. Dim red blue lighting, hyped up clubber, everything you need for a successful club is there.
Go try if you got time ^^

I heard there are 4 seasons types of dance floor, but I don't know about it as when we went there, only dance and liquor were in our mine.

Good mixing of old school and recent hits make the atmosphere a sight to behold. I personally like the YMCA song as it came so sudden, and the... crowd... moves...

It is just perfect, we drank, drunk and do some dance. Those 'clubber elders' dance like nobody business, the 'clubbing newbies' still holding back, but not for long as the liquor took its stage. Hehe!

With camera in my hand (tribute to WanYing ^^b) I didn't stop catching this moment of 'magic' in the club. Plus with non-stop drinking of Whiskies, I just came off the top that night.

And that was closest i get to be labeled DRUNK.
First time ever, I PUKED!!!
I puke at home once I'm back getting ready to wash my hair. Haihh...

Damn, they say you aren't a true clubber if you haven't puke before.
I guess now I'm certified as a clubber ^^'


But before hitting the finishing line that night, we were having the time of our lives. Chicks dancing, Dicks shaking, and occasionally Ki-Tang from our guys and girls showed how crazy we are that night.

I have no idea why she got this expression =.="

But yes, after the night, we did planned to go for supper (or rather breakfast at 4am) But one of our chicks can't handle the drunkenness so we decided to go home.

Yup, it was a great night in term of 'highness'. The last clubbing that made me high was the night me, Dc, joy, ferlycia and Hsen went to Poppy few months ago.

But this was far better due to the liquor. Wahaha!

I was drinking my way to the top that night fearing that we might not be able to finish all the liquor. ^^"

Five years, five years we haven't met, and once we met, Clubbing we went XD



Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Hua Lian 2009 gathering @ Laundry, The Curve Part 1

Hua Lian high school, my secondary school ^^ It has been years since I last saw my schoolmates. So this gathering is quite meaningful to me.
Is like scattered chicks found their way back to their mother. Seeing them again makes me feel like part of the Hua Lian family again^^

Even though there's only 20 something of us ^^"

At first I don't plan to go, as most of the time, gathering like this will turn out to be just some other social platform to talk to different people but most often only with a small group of people. Then what is the point?

But this time is different. Even though I don't know most of them. I still go to introduce myself to them, and it turns out that they are quite friendly too^^
Aiya, I should have known them much earlier!

But you know the saying, "It's better late than never".

From one gang to another, slowly catching up what they have been up to, made us dwell into their past and 'live' back what they have lived. Ohyeaaaahh~

And the occasionally Heineken, even though I hate drinking beer, sometimes it is the only medium suitable for that particular context. That is why, our beloved host/organizer - Looi, ordered Vodka for us ^^
What a niiiiiiiiiiiiiceee host.

Some even became tomato after a few sips of Heineken XD See how red the face is??
Far left corner. Hahaha!
But don't worry, he's not drunk, he is just easy to get red drinking alcohol.


So the picture taking session arrived.

Okay, first thing first, the middle finger is not my idea or her idea.
Secondly, it is not common of us Hua Lian students to show middle fingers in every photos ^^"

Instead of middle fingers, we like to show two fingers in V shape more. As in the 'Victory' sign.

I look quite upset here, may be is because of my Vodka finishing T^T
Get me more!

"Ladies and gentlemen, these are our 9 finalists, you can now vote for them, just type in VOTE (numbers of contestant) to 34000. Your vote will make a different."

Group photo.