Saturday, 27 February 2010

Give me some, Pokok Assam. (Bruschetta and Favourite hometown food)

I remember few months back I was in Taiping for a while before I left to Jeram (I think I mentioned this before but heck), I brought all my Bruschetta making tools back with me as well, because I want my mom to try my LEGENDARY dish...


But it will be my next post...


One of my favourite food is definitely Sambal Petal ^^

Yes, I know, some might argue it smells bad.
But heck! Smelly TauFu smells bad but taste good, Durian smells so bad until they are prohibited to be brought to planes, but guess what, we eat it too.

Same goes for Sambal Petai.

My mom's Sambal Petai is really one of the best I've taste, seriously, only her Sambal Petai are custom-made to its perfection.

Other than the normal ingredient such as onions, Petai, sambal chilli. Under my constant pressure (Ohyeahhh~), she added ketchup and a few slices of tomato into it.

HOLYSHIT!! This is why I'm alive!!

That little bit of sourness makes all the difference, especially when I like a bit of sourness in my dish ^^
With added prawns, this dish was meant to be eaten by everyone. Hope that I can learn it from my mom before it become 'fossilized'.


Whenever I'm back (Which is like 1000 years once -.-"), I will request my mom to get me some all-time favourite of mine such as this Lai Fen Xiu Yoke (Lai Fen serves with BBQ pork).

Everyone in my family loves it, in EVERY Chinese New Year, this is a must for breakfast. In fact, the whole Pokok Assam loves it, it is rumor to be one of the most popular food in Pokok Assam.

Because that famous Xiu Yoke some how taste 100 times better with this Lai Fen. Some eat it with Mee Rebus.
But both taste fine with this because that Xiu Yoke really is one of the best in the whole Malaysia, don't believe me?
Come and try it yourself ^^
If you are lucky to be able to buy it of course. (It finished damn early in the morning, like... 8am?)

to be continue...



Thursday, 4 February 2010

Sorry for not updating

Been busy like the busting street of New York recently.
FYP, Mini FYP, Assignments...
New Year Resolutions -.-"

Now is just not the time to have fun anymore.

Must start to act according to age =3=


Will be back to full-time blogger status soon enough...



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