Saturday, 28 February 2009

I'm like a wild campfire

I'm like a wild campfire, must be fed with wood stick to keep on burning.
Hope you understand...

TO all my readers, sorry for not updating. Been busy with Star Idol, assignments, exams and some random issues, will be back soon with my New Laptop.


Saturday, 7 February 2009


Why are u so selfish?
Why cant u compromise?
Why cant u just prioritize?
Why u backstab me?
Why cant u just grow up?
Why cant u control ur anger?
Why cant u stop running away from our problems?!!?
Why cant u stop behaving like u dont care?
Why cant u just start to communicate with me?
Why cant u understand, understanding comes from communication?
Why cant u bite something else?

Why? Why? Why?

Above question are combination of questions i feel like asking to these bunch of people which i dont want to reveal their names.



Friday, 6 February 2009

25 things that you might not know about me

1) I like sports, any sports, from tennis to football, no sports that i don't like, but of course, life is too short to watch all those sports. But i will try to cover as much sports as possible.

2) I like excitement, so I'll try anything that's new to me if i get the chance. Bungee jumping, sky surfing etc. Because i believe life should be use to the fullest, and this life is just full of fun things to do^^

3) I like money A LOT! MOre than anything in the world, let's face it, "Money is not everything OR money can't buy happiness" are the quotes of the past. But the way U earn money must be ethical.

Without money, life sucks...

4) I TOO believe that we should take good care of the world we are living in.
Just look at us, global warming, lands slide, uncommon weather, ice melting in the north pole.... All of this tells us the earth is getting weak and we are destroying it.
So people, please, do try to help out the eco lovers.

5) I... AM... A... LAZY... PERSON...

6) I'm very soft, that's why I've been taken advantage off in the past and now(sometimes).

7) I would like to learn how to swim, because of my asthma background, I need to learn how to swim so i can have a bigger "air tank" in my body.

8) I... LIKE... BEACHES... A LOT... That's why number 7 is a must!

9) I like sourish dishes, tom yam is my favourite.

10) I will try my best to have a balance diet everyday. The efforts I've made includes having rice with dishes that have protein, fiber and etc. Balance diet is important for our health!

11) I hate fast food chains especially MC Donald's. Pizza related fast food outlet is an exception ^^"

12) I hate smokers... Smokers endangering themselves and their love ones. No excuse about it.
Plus, i have asthma.

13) I like good food, i don't mind paying extra money to get my hands(or my mouth) on those delicious food.

14) I like to watch reality TV shows, both Asians and Americans. Recent craze: Hell's Kitchen

15) I like to read Japanese mangas. My fav would be Naruto, Bleach and Air Gear.

16) i don't mind people lecturing me or disagree with me as long as they have good point to back them up.

17) I don't mind making mistakes as i will learn from it and gain from this.

18) Spain is my favourite country, ultimate dream of mine would be spending my last few months there.

19) I go to nightclubs. But I'm a good guy.

20) I'm very shy.

21) I like to act, so don't take things too seriously from me.

22) I like fruit juice.

23) My all time favourite actor is Heath Ledger, too bad he's dead.

24) My all time favourite wrestler is Eddie Guerrero, too bad he's dead too.

25) My all time favourite blogger is Kennysia, and don't worry, he's still alive and kicking ^^



Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Drama practice encounter #1

This idiot bite my legs, man, is he crazy or what?

This drama practice i have today, pissing me off...
This guy, year 3 guy, actually BITE me during drama practice...


Damn! Why the heck you bite me leg?? You want to die? I was in shock until i can't move, but i keep my cool and didn't react like i should which is to give him a KICK with all my MOTHER-EARTH-GODLY power.

Darn! & you didn't even say sorry to me? What? Just because you act like a dog and bite me grants you the permission not to feel/say sorry?

You DIDN'T even tell me in ADVANCE!!!
You want to die?
I swear to god/universal creator that i will KICK your puny head off if you do it again!
Consider this as the last warning!

If YOU saw this, please BEHAVE!



Monday, 2 February 2009

Rafael Nadal beats Roger Federer and been crowned Australian Open 2009 Champion!

Well, the title says it all!
My idol Rafael Nadal beat the crap out of Roger(Again...) and claims the Australian Open trophy to his collection.

Now,he, only left the US Open trophy to claim in order to be the ALL-FOUR-GRAND SLAM-CHAMPION we(Rafa fans) dream of! This is the link to the review

Bravo! Rafa! Bravo!

Sorry Roger, you have to wait until next (millennium??) to claim it from Nadal.
We'll see if you are the greatest tennis player of all time, and please don't cry

I like this quote a lot ^^"

"... The legends had come to see Federer become one of their number but, instead, they stayed to applaud Nadal. With only the US Open left to conquer, it will not be long before Nadal becomes a legend himself. And that really will make Federer cry."

Too bad for Roger, Nadal was the one to be his greatest rival.
We haven't seen a great tennis rivalries since Boris Becker and McEnroe and
I think Rafa and Roger are the best tennis rivalries of all time.
Continue doing so, champions!

This is the trophy ceremony

Hail to the champion Nadal!

That's all for now.


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