Wednesday, 19 May 2010

2010 Birthday celebration

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of people celebrating birthday in a formal way to me (cakes, some people that I rarely keep in contact with)

Though, still I really appreciate this, and not one, but three celebrations in the same week.

The first celebration is with V and K. We gone to Wendy and have lunch. Just normal chill-out session with them. Relax and talk about Redang trip and other random stuff.


Then, few days later, FCY, Shawn and Dayi celebrated my birthday in Bubble Tea @ SS2. Thanks man.

We play cards, talk about girls and stuff. It was nice and they bought me a slice of cake from Secret Recipe lol!

I don't really like cakes, seriously, but this cake is awesome.


Third celebration is at again... Bubble Tea @ SS2 -.-

This time is with my BC friends and I seriously have no idea that it was a surprise birthday celebration.


Gam Dong ler~

Seriously, I'm hyped and in shocked that day until I can't say a word.

Sorry guys for making you worried T.T

Since I'm into palmistry that time, I got a lot of friends in need of me reading palms.


Free palms for me to practice.

So there you have it, my birthday celebration in 2010.

Thank you everyone. ^^


Till then

Have a pleasant and a wonderful day

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

"Fun Ok" and random stuff

Last Christmas I gave you my heart, and the very next day, you give it away...

No, this entry is not about me losing my love in Christmas. But an entry on last year Christmas, and some other random stuff.

A different Christmas than the year before, this time, I had a Christmas dinner with a bunch of strangers (aside from my friends FCY, Shawn and ZhiHow).
Apparently, those are ZhiHow's friends and this new experience is kind of scary as firstly, we don't really know them, so it is normal we kind of running out of things to talk about. Talk about awkwardness...

FCY and me
But slowly, I've blend into the group and we kind of having a good time.
Fun OK Cafe at Taman Connaught, Cheras that serves western food. Honestly, the food ain't that nice, is just average. But the decoration is nice and they have a competition that night in conjunction with Christmas.
Yay -.-

Though we did not win the grand prize, we did won new friendship (sounds a bit corny I know), but that is the fact.
What surprise me the most is that without any arrangement, I bumped into KL and WM ^^b

I notice one thing, men are animals that take outer appearance seriously. There was a bunch of people taking picture with the Christmas tree, and none of the staff greeted them, but when KL, me and WM starts to take picture with the tree, one of the male staff begin to ask us to pose with the tree and took bunch of our pictures -.- (But mainly KL and WM)
He said he will put it on their website.

I know it is definitely not me that induce this kind of response, it must be KL and WM then...
Darn, I know she is pretty, but this is too much ~.~

KL, if you saw this entry, then I got one thing to say...

Thank god we have you XD

Not just that we are given more benefit,
but I have free food as well.

*Disclaimer: Free food here is refer to my previous outing at Cafe Chulo


Another day...

After watching movie with Shannon, we walked down to the parking lot and we saw...


Have you see it clearly?
Yes, it is a bunch cartoons figures attached to the Pajero.
Damn, it looks like a mutation infestation on the car -.-

Come to think about it, it looks more like pimples growing on the car.

It so unique until people coming by and took pictures of it, this girl on the left actually stay there for 20 minutes so she could do a "photoshoot" with the Pajero.

I don't know how the owner does it, but damn he/she sure knows how to grab attention.

Till Then

Have a pleasant weekend

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Library and Otak-Otak 2009

I feel guilty,
for not telling her...

I might not look like it,
but in fact, I'm really feeling bad over it.

She has been with me for so long as time can remember,
She is the one I always talked to.

Through the ups and downs,
Lefts and rights...

She has always been there for me,
My blog.

Yes, it is my blog I'm talking about.
Feel bad for not updating much due to exam, so now I'm back with some pictures from last year (I know is a "bit" late, but heck, you are here anyway so might as well continue)


After hearing the hype over the newly open Library in The Curve, where the theme of the pub is... a Library... duh...

Before going there, I was actually imagining how would the place look like.
Would they wear those uniform where librarian wear but with a taste of sexiness?
And would they look like those pretty, young and carefree librarian that I used to see in my school days?

Too much imagination ain't good,
As the old saying goes,
the higher your expectation,
the higher you will fall.

Heck, that is what I experienced that day.


Those waitresses look like those from the maid agency,
Christ! Those aunties ain't your daily sweet and innocent neighbours, they seriously need a total makeover.

Honestly, they look so bad until I don't even dare to take their pictures, so there will be none here.

Below are some pictures we took that day (Many others in Facebook though)

The place though, do live up to its hype. This pub though don't have a dancefloor, does provide a lot of good interior design to make up for it. A large monitor screen for those that wants to watch football.
Basically it is just a place to chill out with friends, drinking some liquor/beer and just look around.
If you are lucky, you might see a magician lurking around trying to land some free drinks (And chicks too)

The only super duper drawback is the overcrowd issue.

Seriously, it is so packed until I can't move around freely,
it is almost like clubbing during the New Year Eve at Sanctuary The Curve type of crowded.

I have no choice but to squeeze through the crowd as if my life depends on it.

And yes, it was so darn noisy, every word I say has to be in the form of SHOUTING!!!!!
I SHOUT SO MUCH THAT DAY, I LOST MY VOIce the next day =.=


Next I'm going to talk about the trip to Otak-Otak at Tropicana City. I have been here twice, because their Otak-Otak just so good.

But the most impressive part is their interior decorations. They design it as if you are in a time machine flown you back while you step foot inside.


Because inside is full with primary school's text books, guli, your grandmother's bycicle and tonnes of other childhood toys.

It sure brings back memory.

Me and my friends can's stop playing the games while dining there, I mean, those Plane chess, Millionaire etc are just so fun to play with.
You can't really help yourself.

Food wise, it was okay, their signature is the Otak-Otak, it taste good. But still, the decorations are the main dish here.

You will definitely have a good time.

That is all for now.
Still in the holidaying mood.
Going to prepare my plan for the future now.