Friday, 11 April 2008

~Fatty Crab~ @ ss24 Taman Megah

~Fatty Crab~ have you guys heard of it? I don't know about you but I've gone there that day after I came back from Taiping. My uncle decided to "cheng" us, of course I'll be ok la!^^ wuahaha!
Fatty.... I'm coming..... *saliva dripping out*

Nice crabby... *evil grin*

Fatty Crab located in Taman Megah(03-78045758)& another in Mid Valley(If I'm not mistaking), with name itself surely you know what is their specialty right?
Yup, their specialty is...


Fatty Crab is very pact during the evening and trust me, It is impossible to get a seat during the peak hour which is the evening, usually one will have to stand/sit while waiting for a REAL table to dine with.

Enough of that, now let us get "crabbing"...

Fatty Crab "tradition", before start the main dish thou must try the wings(chicken) Because thou will surely have to wait for a century to be serve the crap... i mean crab...

Make way, The Crab is here. "Sweet spicy Crab", the paste is splendid... YmmY!

Next, is the bread...
The bread is "use" for the diners to further saviour the wonderful paste... Really a nice combo!

There's suppose to have a fried rice but i forgot to take the pic...

The place is quite "cool" but too crowded I suppose. & the "food serving speed parameter" here suggest they are 10 % slower in terms of serving the food compare to other restaurant... But still, the crab is nice. Really splendido, muchacha, wanmeily "ho jiak"(delicious^^)

Food Review is as below...

ATMOSPHERE : 7.5 marks (nothing you will hope for-.- typical Chinese crab restaurant)
FOOD : 9.0 marks (The paste, the wings, even the bread is a champ^^)
SERVICE : 8.0 marks (they did "seat" us when we're waiting for a table)
PRICE : 8.0 marks (Rm 90++ for all 3 dish, I'm not really impress but guess
that's how the price nowadays)


I'm seriously burned (my lips) when i ate those crap...i mean crab. because my lip was actually "cracking" before that... & with crab as spicy as that, I feel like dying when the "spicy element" touched my lip... OUCH! But in the end, it was a nice meal after all.

So, If anyone of you really want to try crab, go for Fatty Crab.

~Fatty Crab, it won't make you crap~

~All of the statement above is my personal opinion & it may not be 100% true in terms on personal feelings and the statement, it is just a guide/review that one can use as references~

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

~Sweeping The Grave~

Ancestors play a very important role in our lives... Without them, we won't even be here. So in conjunction with the trip back to Taiping, I've decided to sweep my ancestors(which is my grandpa and grandma) graveyard as a show of respect(& also because I need some blessing from them to hinder me from spending too much money on food-.-")

The trip start off with my bro pick me up here in ss2 with his Camry before we went to Taiping together. I don't know about ya'll but my bro's Camry back seat is "OUTSTANDING"! It is so "OUTSTANDING" that the head part stood out a lot until my head hurts every time i try to sleep. Talk about OUTSTANDING-.-"
Because of that, I didn't had a good nap AT ALL during my time in the car.

Finally, I've reach home...

Thank God!!


They say home give you a feeling of ease when you get there, I didn't believed at all but this time around it totally change my mindset...

I love my home^^(GOD! Am I saying this?)

May be is because I love my mom sooooo much that's why... My mom actually looks 1000 times better than this ^^ haha!

Being at home is always a place for me to recharge my batteries... After a long hard days work in the "life cycle in UTAR" I sure be happy to "recharge"(eat lah...) by having some nice home cook meal. Even though It doesn't cost much.. But at least they are free from EXTRA MSG(monosodium glu...something)

(clock wise) stir fish, "xiu bak choi", salted pork with ginger, paste from chicken rice(no idea why she put it there-.-"), fry shrimp with sambal, chinese sausage, cabbage...

Later part I keep on eating & putting down CHUNKS of chocolate from Cadbury to Ferrero Rocher like a hungry pregnant Orang Utan eating bananas. Is been a while since I last indulge in such a wonderful snack^^



"....*X-Files theme song playing*... Er... Aummm? 7.30... gooomooooniinngg evyone..."

Here I am, waking up and eaten one of my favourite Nasi Lemak of all time,

the Pokok Assam "Bou Ji Po" Nasi Lemak! Is the best I've try so far!!!!
Incomparable anywhere!

Too bad I didn't take a pic of it because I've just wake up(I haven't even brush my teeth^^) Next time when I go back I'll do a "Eat The Best In Taiping!" entry, surely It will be the best cause Taiping got the best food in the whole Malaysia(Taiping boleh!)


"Raise the anchor! Turn the Mainsail! Brave yer soul and conquer the world! We gonna set sail ta.........................the cemetery-.-"....."

This year will have a little different... THE CEMETERY IS FLOODED!!!!!!

Why!?! Oh God tell me why... The mud was moisty(lembut) and it was hard for us to even move around, how the hell you want us to pay respect with that?!!?

Okay, I was a little bit over exagerated... It was a flood, a small one...

But still...

We still got to do, what a man got to do...


* these are no ordinary minyak angin and stuff... these are actually replicas...*

The picture you see above was some of the replicas my mom bought it for both my grandma & grandpa... But is getting too over the top nowadays... They even have "Prada" & "Gucci" handbags nowadays which sells at higher price. Ohgod! Even the dead know about branded stuff? Why the manufacturer came out with these kind of stuff? They might as well produce something like the "El Divo" replicas to sing for them "down there" -.-" (no offece though)


Thank god the thing ended with everyone surviving the event. I finally did the family tradition of paying respect to my loved-one that pass away*preaching* -.-

& that's wrap up the entry for today, with my connection problem still going on, it's really a miracle that i can finish this entry in 2 days using UTAR computer(-.-") I can't believe I'm saying this but..........


Friday, 4 April 2008

current condition

Sorry guys & gals, I'll not be engage in internet for a long time due to

some "genius" didn't pay the streamyx... And i don't think he will want to engage

in internet anymore...

so... *cry* byebye... T.T