Saturday, 30 August 2008

Happy Independance day everyone!

Happy Independence day everyone!

Cherish the freedom we have!

Have a nice day!

Spluring it out... "If you" begins...


If you don't understand me, don't judge me!

If you ain't get my jokes, don't misunderstood me!

If you can't stand straightforwardness, then just shut up!

If you rather face double-faces people, go ahead...

If you like to be an "Ular", just be one of the Ulars...

If you can only accept your jokes but not accepting others',
then you may kiss your social life goodbye *people waving*

If you keep on using your girlfriend as a housemate, then please proceed to your respected washroom and lick your balls, cause you ain't licking hers.

Don't ever, EVER take things for granted! Be grateful and considerate!

when i didn't talk,
doesn't mean I'm egoistic,
is just my nature,
I'm shy.
No, I'm serious...

& MOST of the time, I like to share my experience because I think of you as a friend, but if you think I'm showing off,
then is your choice to get into that false conclusion.

Feel great after releasing my tension in this entry,
now I really can concentrate on my studies as exam draw close,
I will stop updating my blog until the exam over which is...
Well... You'll soon find out.


these words are useless, read with your own risk

Friday, 22 August 2008


Date: 23th August 2008
Time: 12 am
Venue: Cocobanana
Reason: Bel's birthday

Cocobanana, or Kokopisang in malay, is a club that stations beside Sunway Pyramid.
This is the 1st time I've gone there and surely, this is not the last time.
Hm... The place was actually not bad, is just that,
I'm not particulary happy that day.
So it took quite some time to post this up.
Let the CLUB(use as a verb) begins~

Birthday boy Bel

The sound was MIND BLOWING!

The "Boom! BOOoM!" and the "nG!" "nG!" start off the night perfectly with great songs cover each and every corner of the room.
It is advisable to go there earlier, as after 1am, the quality of the remixes will get worsen

(this is according to Hsen)

Louis and me

That day i really drank too much until some pictures i took look really bad,

i think this one still ok.

(Me and Hsen)

It was an "okay" day for me, so not taking much pics.
& also because, "I can't eat the things i want to eat that day..."
it's a secret ^^


Date: 23rd August2008
Time: 11am
Venue: UTAR PC block room 201
Reason: Drama practice

So today we have a drama practice, the thing was delayed and it was something i predicted as the committee didn't appear at the time they were suppose to because we have been

The practice went from 11.30 am to 5pm, lots of stuff happenned and we done pretty well.
& i found an interesting thing about 对联。


Don't tell me I'm disqualified -.-"
Because I'm not suppose to continue the "联" like that.
But i think this is creative wert! It even rhymes ^^
But Hsen didn't thought so and we laught about it of course. lol!

That's all for that practice, next, is the...


Date: 23rd August 2008
Time: 6.40pm
Venue: Island Cafe
Reason: Basically no reason^^

At first I'm at Pelita thinking of what to order for my dinner but the thing have to cancel because KL called!! Yay! That means we can hang out again!

Wye Meign was there too and so, 3 of us start chatting like there was no tomorrow again. haha!
It was fun to hear from KL in Kampar(confusing right?) and Wye Meign in PJ.

What amazed me the most, is that we've already planned out our next outing...

Only time will tell^^

I should've styled my hair-.-"

Till then


Thursday, 21 August 2008

Rafa Nadal become world number 1!

[Current Nadal's atp points = 6700](before August 21 2008)

I'm soooooooooooooooooooo happy! ^^

Rafa has become world number 1!!

Even though my news came quite late.

But, ya! Rafa has done it!

Bravo Rafa!


Have a nice day!

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Another day at 100 yen...

Yeah! Another "wordfull" day with aunt at 100Yen shop.

In case you didn't know, 100 Yen shop is a place where they sell Japanese products ranging from hat, snacks, sweets, instant noodles, bowls, knife

to spatula(I think i'm spelling it right-.-")

And yes, they sell it with the price of 100 yen(so the exchange rate would be... i'm not sure)
But now I'm not sure as some products sold at Rm 4.99, some Rm 5.99 etc.
So, be careful lo!^^

& of course, in ss2's, we have the most important of all...
Their lovable " Charmy snOw IcE"!!

This ss2 100 yen shop had converted front part of the shop to include a small stall selling Charmy Snow Ice.

And constantly they play Japanese music^^ coOl...


Charmy Snow Ice
100 Yen Shop
52, Jalan SS2/61
Petaling Jaya

~Back to that night~
So me and aunt meet up at the store checking out some products they sold before we ended up ordering Snow Ice, it was our main target actually ^^
Since we been talking about it for days.
Mr V and my mom was suppose to be there but too bad, one in Sg. Long,

the other have to rush assignment -.-"
Well, there will be another day.

The Chocolate and Mango taste we've ordered. Taste awesome!

We have lots of laugh and..ahem...gossiping(i feel bad abt it^^)

But in the end, it was a wonderful night.
Hope it will be 4 of us next time.

Till then


Ohya! Come at night, the feeling is much better.

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Monday, 18 August 2008

List of things to do

list of things to do
1) Fix my problem on how to share the internet connection with my friends
2) fix my social prob
3) have to comfort 2 of my best friends
4) Final exam

have a nice day

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Arsenal vs West Brom. 16-08-08

The game between West Brom. and Arsenal has ended in a 1-0 as Arsenal clinched their 1st win of the season with Samir Nasri's goal.

Samir Nasir scores a beautifully "legcrafted" goal from Denilson's ball that started from a fine pass by Clichy on the left.
Denilson ran into the penalty box and cut the ball to the unmarked Frenchman Nasri to finish the goal with a low drive.

On their performance...

~Samir Nasri~
Samir Nasri play like how he was suppose to play which is going forward.
In that game, we can see how Samir loves to go forward and attack, one can say his a selfish player as most of the time he shoot from a distant when he got the ball under his feet.
But what impress me the most is his workload, he got the shadow of Flamini when i saw him tackling and closed down the opposition players frequently.
Now, there's a good bargain by Arsene ^^

~Johan Djourou~
Surprise package i would say after him missing much of the actions in the previous season. Johan Djourou was starting 11 that substitute Kolo Toure as a center back. He performed really well with his tight marking and shot blocking. His hustle on the ground works brilliantly as he succeed in closing down the opposition player at the back 4 line.

~Gael Clichy~
He did a great job again today like how he always does, good technique, great tackling, wonderful recover after losing the ball, and above all, his running still as sharp as ever. Giving Arsenal an extra offensive option.

~Bacary Sagna~
"Mr. Consistent" is a name i gave him after his consistent performance previous season. But in this game, he performed somewhat 'okay' only. He better buckled up with his running and offensive play.

~Manuel Almunia~
Solid performance, he have couple of good 'half saves' in his hands as he got a touch in every shot on target towards his goal post. Clean sheet, that's what i want to see.

~Robin Van Persie~
Surprisingly, he was rested -.-" Wasted my $$$$$ to buy him in Fantasy Football game. He came on as substitute in the 2nd half and did a fine job. It could be better though. Not enough magic from him aside from a shot inside the penalty box that curled away from goal.

~Theo Walcott~
Disappointment, have the least to contribute throughout the game. Not much running as he was muscle down most of the time, shot on target but miss, summary, not much contribution.

~Eboue & Adebayor~
sucks, can't score(as always), can't keep ball on his feet, i don't understand why Arsene still keeps him in the squad.
Adebayor wasting a lot of chances as always, so, sucks.

Denilson played a wonderful game, still can improve on his vision and physical aspect.
Gallas still likes to shout at people, I really doubt Wenger decision on giving him the captain armband -.-"

Will i recruit them in the next game? ( Yahoo Fantasy Football Game)
Samir Nasri-yes
Djourou-depends on Toure's fitness
Van Persie-hm... Depends on his fitness and if Fabragas will return.
Walcott-only when he WILL play as a substitute.(I have to see who's the starting 11st)

Samir Nasri after he scored the first goal of the season

This is my line up for the first week Fantasy Football Game


Sagna-Djourou-Agger(is a mistake)-Clichy

Walcott(Huge mistake)-Nasir-Modric(Thumbs down)-Babel(silly me)

Van Persie-Anelka

93points(Not bad for 1st timer i guess)

Thanks for reading


Pictures were taken from, thanks^^

~Dream of the fans~

[Olympic's update]

Rafael Nadal has won the Men's Singles.
Finally the dreams of the fans can be achieve...

Rafael Nadal will become the world number ONE on

18 of August 2008
After four and a half years staying behind Roger Federer, Rafa will become the...

best/le meilleur/terbaik/mejor/am besten/само лучше/最好
tennis player in terms to the ATP rankings.
Now(16 August 2008) Roger Federer still top the rankings with 6330 points,

and Nadal has 6305 to date.

But this doesn't reflect what is really happening,

because the rankings systems is based on results over the preceding 52 weeks.
But on the 18 of August 2008, the rankings system will "refresh"!!!

& our HERO, Rafael Nadal will clinch the number 1 spot from Federer and become

the REAL number player in the world!

Bravo Rafa! Bravo!

Pictures taken from . Thank you^^

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Utar Inter Faculty Dance Battle Part 3


you have seen the uncut version(lol!)

You have seen the round 1 and the guest performances...


Welcome to the Dance Battle Round 2!

It promises so much more...


Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to the Utar IFDB 2008 Round 2!!
On your left corner, we have the super duper team from Setapak,
this team amazed us with their breathtaking, bone-chilling skills until their joints look like it was disconnected....
The team that needs no introduction,
The team to beat,
The Poppin Boyz!!!

Now, on your right corner, we have the contestants from downtown of PJ...
With previous experience from the UTAR Talent Time 2008 held recently at PJ itself,
With the combined weight of 500 pound...
Theeeeeeeeee K-TANK!!!!

(sounds like in a boxing match lol!)

Poppin Boyz vs K-Tank

and the winner is...


Now we are going to the next face off between the ultra popular team from the host itself and the not-so-popular one.
This trio from Sg Long, they perform some of the weirdest, the funniest, and the most entertaining dance,
ladies and gentlemen,
i give you...


& on the other side of the ring,
we have the team consists of dancers from all 4 campuses, lead by their Kampar head,

theeeee Heart Breaker Kids(HBK)!!!

& the winner is...

HBK (They are so humble until the bow even when they've won)

Finally the final face off,

Between the surprise package from Kampar and the exciting team from PJ.

Without much introduction, Ladies and gentlemen,

Let us begun, Final face off between HBK and K-Tank!

& the winner is...

Yup! HBK won!

Unseen Footage

The EMCEE HIMSELF! Ya! He's the man!^^

The PoppinBoyz received flowers from the crowd,

no wonder they won the Crowd Favourite award.

Some of the judges[Raymond no-eye-see] lol!

"Shhhh... Don't tell others that we got 2nd place behind HBK..."

"Too late mate... We've won!"

Till then...

Have a nice day!

Utar Inter Faculty Dance Battle Part 2

I notice my previous entry was a bit wordy ^^"
So this one will be less words but more videos...
Let's check it out yall!

I've only record the ones that stood out, too bad i accidentally left out the HBK.
But never mind, the Poppin boyz is really really good!!!
Their poppin and moves going to keep you entertain all the way...
& i found out from my friends(committee) that Poppin Boys was the group to watch, so i know who to focus, and they didn't let us down by winning the Round 1 and also the crowd favourite award.
Just check out his facial expressions! (the one without the glasses)

So lets roll!

Damn! The crowd applause and the fact that they slow down made me think their performance was over, and i stop my recording just to find out there was more-.-"
So here goes, Poppin Boyz part 2.... Enjoy! ^^

After all the round 1 performances , one of the special guess came on the stage to do the Bea..beat..beat.. boxing.... & our friend the Emcee play with him... lol!
The emcee is a rapper!
[Emcee is the one with cap]
Now they exchange role!

There were actually more performance here, those include the Organizing Chairperson's performance, the solo beatboxing, and the Judges performances were good as well, but i didn't record due to some certain reason.

But if you think that is all, you are wrong!
Round 2 will be coming out later...

wait for my next entry yall!!

Have a nice day!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Utar Inter Faculty Dance Battle!!! Part 1

Hectic day, but ends marvelously

Crazy night, but ends wonderfully^^

Utar Inter Faculty Dance Battle 2008 has ended 'soundly' and definitely beautifully,
I have witness some really great performances from our lads in UTAR.

From Kampar, to my place PJ, go through Setapak and arrived to Sungai Long, our lads really spot on with their...

Sharp skills!

Shining charisma!

Godly made choreograph!

One word...


Got your attention? Great^^

Before reading this further, please read the notice below...
[1stly, i can't show the pictures yet as I'll be doing a news coverage on this event. So I'll upload some videos instead.]
[2ndly, i didn't upload ALL the videos because some i can't manage to tape it, & also because i think it is better to leave some unattended so it will lure people to come for the UTAR events in the future.]
[3rdly, it will take me some time to finish all the entry, so I'll upload this entry part by part, which means you'll see part 1, 2 and 3 for the same event]

Why showing all the eggs in the basket when you can show even more people with the 'unshown'(i tink tis is a new word-.-") eggs?

This event was nothing like what I've experienced before in other events, especially the contestants...
It was super duper fun to watch them. Seriously!

Damn he's funny! ^^
Really natural!
& he's really good in grabbing the crowd's attention!
& he's damn bold with his word, which is a good thing until...
Well, i think there IS a part where he go kind of overboard.
But Hey! Who doesn't make mistake? (or is it?)

Then there was the organizing chairperson,
Jun Kit really showed his charisma on the stage today with his speech(kinna short), his MOVE! Honestly!
His move really rocks... Seems like he's a veteran as well!
No wonder he put his love for dancing to this event and successfully transform this love into something great! Thanks Jun Kit[& your helpers too^^]

Then there were the contestants, well, there would always be a place for the not-so-good type of contestants in a competition, but this was overshadowed by the great performances done by the other lads!
So, enough of 'cakaping', Let's get moving...

This was the performance of the team from PJ(my campus^^) It's them again! Last time i saw them, they were in the Talent Time, and now they have improved tremendously while still keeping their "crowd magnet" with them! good good...
Ohya! This team is called K-Tank.
They were 2nd place for 2 rounds! Impressively they can get TWO second place.
But personally, i think they should've won the 2nd round battle which is won by the Heart Breaker Kids(HBK).

But don't get me wrong, HBK was cool, in fact I'm the 1st that interviewed their group leader Chun Ming before the competition,
so i can say that I'm quite close to them & I'm surely root for them to win too.
But in terms of performance, i prefer K-Tank lol! & because his from my campus. haha!

Time for some 'spoilers'...
Before this I had talk about the not-so-qualify groups right? Now here's the further explanation...
There was this team called...ahemD ...*cough*2*cough* D... Well... They basically brought the whole event down by their not-so-professional skills and technique.

They dance like kids that just had diarrhea with poopies on their arse.

But thanks to them, the audience can see the contrast between those good performers and the not.
Sorry ahemD...*cough*2*cough* D...
Try harder next time, make sure you are up to it.

Then, there was this wonderful group called bs4...or s4b... or sb4 or may be b4s...
This group, compare to the above, is much worst. The group above atleast have a good reason for performing below par(nt enaf training perhaps)

But this B4S... well, I'll let you choose:
A) Dance like crap
B) They copied someone else moves
C) Have a group members that looks like he had been force to dance on stage with his favourite blanket being threaten by Joker(with scars-carving-knives) . Or
D) They look like some freedom fighters that came together to fill up the numbers

If your answer is A, then you are somewhat wrong.
If your answer is B, you are correct! But still not accurate enough.
& if your answer is C, congratulation! You are getting closer! ^^
If somehow you 'mislink' your brain nerves and give the answer D, then you are just filling up your time. D can only happen when there ARE freedom fighters left in M'sia.

But if your answer is 'all of the above', then I'm giving you a Nobel prize baby!

They dance like crap,
and copied other's moves,
and they even have a group members that does not looks like he's belong to the group.
He dance like booboo,
He's not in-line with his teammates,
He's showing his frustration on the stage[menstrual pain perhaps?]
and I can't believe they let him on stage!!
Haih... I wonder what went through his mind now...

After his/their performance...
The judges bombarded him like how US bombarded IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN ...
Or how Simon COWell bombarded the American Idol soon-to-be-not...

is just so funny hearing those comments from the judges ^^

[i change my opinion on who should win the Round 2. HBK deserves because they have much more moves in the final round. You can see that at the PART 3 of the coverage.]

[sorry for my video quality and also of my only 1 angle recording]

To Be Continue...

Friday, 8 August 2008

50th entry! My 7th poem...

Finally.... my 50th entry... Wow!
Even though for some this number might be fewer than Abdullah's hair,
but for me, it is an accomplishment that i am really proud of.

So, for this special day, i will break away from my usual rule & show my full version of the poem i've wrote... My 7th poem...

This poem i've written recently for the English Language Week Poem Writing Competition.

& sadly, i'm only manage to be the runner-up. Honestly speaking, i'm aiming for a win but instead it turns out to be 2nd place. But never mind, this is better than nothing right?

Don't say i'm arrogant or what lah! This is just a target i set for myself to accomplish.
So now i have to learn from my mistakes and hopefully create a better poem next time.

Late Inspired Runner

Depressed by what he felt,
Unsatisfy by what he have to suffer.
Screams until his winter emotions melt,
Hopes and dreams will soon be shatter.

Dogs and cats running freely on the field,
Unable to do so halt what he can yield.
He blamed why Moirae enable him this fate,
Where the wheels of soul spoit at this date.


Wandering through the seven sea,
Pondering on what he see,
He finds life is like a cycle,
Process of born, ageing, died that no beings dare to shackle.

Emotionally he started to say...

"May be this is what they called destiny,
That one must endure in reality.
Elf, dwarf and even humans,
Or even the great Zeus can alter,
The destiny that soon summons,
All Men and gods to falter."

Gloomy clouds faded as times pass,
Limping away from his past.

Upbringing the future equestrian heroes,
Day and night he fights,
To wipe out the sorrows,
To wipe out all the frights,
That soon devour the future of his team,
Like how it had devoured his dream,
The late inspired runner...

That's all,

have a nice day^^

Monday, 4 August 2008

Sunday night, is a crazy night^^

Due to some sensitivity issue, i can't really write about what's happened that day.
But the ones involve should know right?

Happy Birthday again to KC & Jennifer!!

Next time don't drink that much though!
You guys are lucky you have us to take care of you ^^"

Ops! i forgot to take picture with Jorene... Darn!
& guys, next time don't suddenly ask me out... I might not be going lol!

Have a nice day