Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Driving again after 6 years

So there I was, holding the steering wheel like my life depends on it. I was taught driving again by my uncle few weeks back, only one lesson from him so far.
And basically that is the only training I get.

And today...
My brother decided to teach me driving...
and the first kilometres and beyond is by me T.T

Okay, okay, you might be saying...
"King is a wimp, how can driving be this tough?"

Well, think back to the days you first touched the steering wheel and hit the road w/o proper instruction and tell me how you feel.

Back to the story,
So there I was, reversing to get out of the parking lot, drive out from the condo,
straight into the road, without my brother helping.

He just sat there act cool smoking his cigarettes while talking to his gf with his IPhone about how bad of a driver I am...
Yes,  I love my brother.

First stop was to the nearby grocery store, and I nearly scratch a car, thank god I didn't.
It wasn't that tough, not much cars. and I can come back alive.

------------------end of part one--------------------

Part 2 happened just now, my brother asked me to drive to the nearby Steven's Corner mamak restaurant. It was around 12 am midnight. Dark and spooky....

Finally gone to the main road, seriously, I need to practice more so that I won't be relying on him anymore. Though I dislike the way he taught me driving, but I still need him by my site, however, I don't think he is that willing after seeing how I drive =.=''

He did say in the end that he was afraid when he sat beside me, I mean, dude, I'm more afraid than you!!!

------------------end of part two-------------------

So there you go, my 'virgin'driving experience. I didn't tell anyone before going for a drive, though I did tell you, Chyi.
and thanks for your "comforting words". ZZzzzz...
I did save the world for you....
without killing anyone -.-

Tomorrow I will be driving by myself, this time, w/o him guiding me.

Pray for me, yall!



Saturday, 2 October 2010

Look into the window of soul

Warning, the following content might have a minor degree of narcissism.
Read it with your own risk.

Okay, I was having a shower just now and suddenly a flash back occurred (Funny, this shit always happen)
I remember few weeks ago I was going to Sungei Wang to meet up with my friend.
On the way there, I was in the Starline LRT.

I forgot which station, but there was this girl.
About 165 cm tall, in her 20s.
She got an angelic face. Very pretty, a bit too thin for my liking though.

The moment she came into the train I noticed her. I believed she noticed me too.
How would I know?

Because she did this thing that I used to always do.
She looked away when I looked at her  :)

Damn, I can't stopped but put a smirk on my face when she turned around as I stared back at her :P

It is so fun to see her blushed and get nervous.
She was exactly sitting at the opposite of me and just when I thought, "Okay, she knows that I know she is looking at me, perhaps it is no fun to give her a sudden stare anymore"

Who knows, the moment I closed my eyes for a little 'doze' (I usually do this in buses and trains), she started to look at me again... and she thought I didn't know.

How do I know that?
It is because I caught her looking at me again when I give her a stern look in the eye.

Then after 5 minutes (Damn, that feels like eternity), I was closing my eyes again for a little rest, then open my eyes to see what is happening around.

There I saw her closing her eyes too.
It just get me wondering, is she copied me because she saw me dozing too?

I mean, after all the blushes that she gave me, how can I resist myself from having such a thought?

I was actually smiling everytime I caught her looking at me.
Damn, it was fun.

Actually I have more experience of this when I'm dating with my EX last time, but that will be another story.

So there you go, a little thought of mine.
I think the reason some people doesn't have this encounter before is because of them being too afraid to look people (or strangers) in the eye when you glance at them.
The eyes is like the handphone of your body, it transmits signals to the other person.
So use it wisely to your advantage.