Saturday, 29 October 2011

Men-women Relationship Talk #3

In this short and concise post, there will be guidance and tips on how to show confidence even when you are a timid little boy

Like I said previously, a man that screams confidence during their presence attracts whoever is around. Maybe it is your coursemates, colleague, boss, ex-girlfriends, a dog from Mars, a triceratops or whoever you're trying to impress. Like it or not, confidence is the key in success in most area.
Especially when it comes to girls. 

--------------------------------------Confidence Is Like Money---------------------------------------- 


1) Head held high, chin up, stand straight, drop and relax your shoulders, stuck in your abdomen, put your body weight on your forefoot when you stand like clicking a remote control on the floor with your little toe. (A grin on your face will be a bonus if you execute it perfectly, if not, you'll look like you're constipating, execute it with you own risk)

These basic steps should be your first priority when you want to learn to look confident. It might be tough at first since you might not use to it, but fear not, keep remind yourself to do it, practice makes perfect. Soon enough, you'll become so use to it when it become part of you... The NEW YOU!

2) Stay cool, breathe normally (not too fast or slow), mentally says "calm down, it's just a chat", don't move too much or having huge gestures as it will show your anxiety. 

These little gestures are able to portray confident in you, as natural is just a step away from confidence.

3) Even walking is an art, try walking swiftly, but not too fast like you're running away from a Godzilla, or walking too slow when you're competing with snails for the slowest beings competition. 

It sounds like a lot of hard work, I know. Though, it is not easy, but the importance of it makes it such an excellent art to master.

4) Finally...


Nothing can be compared to a smile that comes from your heart! 
Again, doing it moderately, not like a hooligans-who-had-too-much-beer-and-talking-nonsense-type of smile.

Try smiling like you're grinning, and showing only 6 teeth which I called it the 6-teeth-smile. So, try mentally says "This person is fun, I'm going to have a great time with her/him" and smile from the inside.

-----------------------------------And Money Buy You Things--------------------------------------

From personal experience, even when you're not showing confidence from the inside, with the above gestures, it should be enough to let you prepare yourself into a situation before you really showing confidence from the inside. IMO.

Suck it up if you failed, flaunt it when you got the deal. 

(It's controversial, but it's deadly) 

Next post, I will discuss on some issues regarding body language. So, stay tuned. 



Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Men-women Relationship Talk #2

Second phase...

Being confident, but thy shall not be over self-assured...

Few words... but packed with essence of the spell.


I have this friend, who thinks he is hell of a great, showing off his charming personality and smile to females. Taking pictures with whole bunch of girls thinking that "Hey! I'm a playboy already!".

In truth, he is over self-assured.
Amazingly, until now that he has gone abroad, he still has no idea that among the girls that he "allegedly" go out on a date with, started talking about him behind his back.

Why I know?

Because some of the girls he dated/"dated" are actually my friends, they came back telling me how pathetic this friend of mine is.
(Please, let's remain silence for 2 minutes to remember my friend's inability to court a girl till now)
*sarcastic smile*

This is how the conversation goes:
(Fake names are used)

Lady Guava: Do you know? Your friend Jamiz Oliver says the weirdest thing ever? He started to call me baby, puppy and paprika all of a sudden when go out on a date? I HATED IT SO MUCH! 
Why he keeps on doing it? Then when we go out on a date, he brought me to Mc Donald's! 
DUDE! Why would any guy bring a woman to MC DONALD'S to impress her?

Me: Wow, isn't he "nice"? You're a lucky girl ;)

Lady Guava: Lucky? He is full of himself showing poses and talks like he is The belle of the ball, calling me honey and saying how much he misses me *vomits* even though we just knew each other. The worst thing is. Even after we finished dating and went home. He still call me saying how fun our date is...
Can't he even understand the signals I desperately sent to him??  

@#$%^&*(^%@#$%^*@#$%^&* (Trust me, you don't want to know what she said afterwards)

That's how it is. And that is not the only friend that told me about their negative feedback regarding Jamiz.
There are more to it from where it came from.

So, what is the problem here?

I did say men should be confident when facing anyone, especially women.
This is because women are naturally attracted to men with this quality. 
Don't ask me why. It is hormone.

However, my friend Jamiz there express too much of this trait, too much for his own good until he been blinded by his self-assured trait to see what the women's signals are (I'll talk about women's body language in future entries).
He didn't sense the SOS the lady is sending, causing his blind confidence to commit seppuku to his date.

Needless to say, those girls have stop going out with him after their first date.

Morale of the story, be modest in being confident.
Composed, and you'll be rewarded.

I will be talking about how to portray confident physically in the next entry.

Till then,

PS: Due to a certain request from a female friend of mine, I have to write about how women should approach man in my future entry.

Seriously, I would consult a real expert first to write about that.   =.=

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Men-women Relationship talk #1

This post will be something I don't usually write.
But after reading a few article on men-women.
I have to open the gate and let the city mouth speaks.

There was this one male colleague of mine asking me why I can mingle around with female colleagues looking this smooth considering I'm only started working here for a week. The conversation as below:

Playboy wannabe: Dude, why you always able to make girls wanna talk to you? Is there a secret spell or something?

Me: Well, you need to first throw away your desperateness like how you are right now. Female can "smell" desperate man, and it ain't welcoming for them.


being desperate isn't something to be practiced around women at any time of the year, month, day... PERIOD.

If a man wants to be successful around women, he has to learn to be confident with their own skin, just be natural.

How to do that?

I once brought a book with me in the outdoor and do "research" as an excuse to meet more women, try to get them to "assist" in my "research" by asking them intriguing questions that will sure spark interest in them.

Making sure to look good and calm along the way.

Women love to talk, seriously, let them do the talking as you ask questions
and you will be fascinated by the amount of information they would share to a total stranger.

Enjoy the process and keep your composure.
Practice a bit more with other women to get use to your new skin.

This is the first phase.
It took me a week or two to get used to it.
But once you know the spell, you wouldn't need to be the timid little man again.

However, explaining all these to that colleague isn't easy, as you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
He needs a wingman to discuss this to him, sadly, I'm not that close to him. What a shame *sarcastically*


Second phase...

Be confident, but thy shall not be over self-assured...

To be continued....