Wednesday, 22 September 2010

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Not all the pictures are received and this is a short post but heck, a picture says a thousand words.

So, the following are the pictures we took that day at Genting.

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Friday, 17 September 2010

The both Highlands

Dear loyal reader,

How have you been? As a professional blogger (ahem..) *cough cough*, I am now back to update you with the things I've went through those past few days I'm absent from this site. The following are the things I've done. Please, reader, bear with me.

*90 degrees bow*


So I went back to my hometown Taiping to reunite with my friends that came back from UK and Singapore. CF and Snow, oh, how much we miss you.
PK and Eddy too, you guys rocks!!!

The first trip we went is to have our breakfast in Ipoh, the Dimsum restaurant that everyone is talking about, no, not Foh San but yes, that gigantic Dim Sum restaurant is located just the opposite of the restaurant we went that day which is equally famous...

The Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum restaurant


Compare to Foh San's, Ming Court actually offers more tasty Dim Sums and foods to its customer than Foh San's. For me, Foh San is more of comfort than taste. (Btw, I've been to both, and when it is in peak timing, Foh San's service is just as bad as Ming Court)

We kind of went there bloody early in the morning (Woke up at 5am, ready at 6am, and depart at 7am)
Reached there around...
For more detailed review on Ming Court's restaurant, try this link from

8am?? Not quite remember but ya, it was crazy but it was worth it ^^

The dim sum was nice, the price was right... My friends have it for free, because I'm paying it -,-
But I did promise, and for you guys only.
No more treating until next year lol!

Then, we moved to Cameron Highlands....
Damn, bad choice, it took too long and Cameron highlands is just plain boring, thank god I have you guys to joke around ^^


Basically my time in Taiping are spent eating famous foods and hanging out in cafes.
Laksa, New Prima, Taiping Sentral, and Pokok Assam roast pork are just some places/foods I've eaten. Hhmmmmm...

my aunt from KL came back to Taiping that same week and so I decided to join her so that she could drop me to Jeram when she return to KL.

And so, Jeram trip again.


My Jeram friends are all super younger than me, (well not really)
my cousin brother Fliks yet again joined us for yumcha session with Xin, Tifanny, Pinkis and Beeboh...
visiting places at night with motor bikes in this haze-free wonder village is just cool and refreshing, especially with the company of you guys.

XOXO girls...

Yumcha, chatting and overnighting (betting... ahem...) has slowly becoming our routine when I'm back to Jeram.
Seems like I have to be back to make sure this 'tradition' to continue -,-
Thanks Xin and Fliks for the house ^^
If you are seeing this, I'm sponsoring beers and games in this coming December.
Just make sure you guys are free this time around -.-"


Before I came back and able to be typing this entry, I was in Genting with Jeram friends and relatives.
I feel warm swarming with your love and care. You guys are great, that makes me feels great too.

Great + Great = GREATNESS

Okay, I'm exaggerating here.
But you know what I mean.

No pictures for this as they must be sleeping by now after this exhausting trip.
same goes for me -.-