Tuesday, 28 April 2009


This idiot has been lying to me for a couple of times...
Damn, and i gave him chances and chances, thinking that he might have his own reasons...

Now he failed me again...

No more MR. Nice guy...
I will still act normal to u...
But i know what i can tell u and what i can't...

Bueno Tardes La idiota...



Wednesday, 15 April 2009

1st day at Starbucks

Final examination is coming and i believe everyone (including those parents) are worry about it.

What to focus on?
Which chapters to study?
Preparing enough stationary items are just some of the things that come in mind when one is nearing exams.

But for me, what important is the things you do during study weeks that matters,
in this case, it will be the habit you practice during revision period.

Below are the 10 steps that I think will work for you (because it works for me^^)

Step 1
NEVER EVER have less than 6 hours of sleep during study week!!
Okay, some of you might argue exam is near and there are just so many things you haven't revise on!
But hey! What will all those sleepless nights do If you can't even open your eyes during exams???

Step 2


Okay, what you've seen above was the entry that I was suppose to be writing daaaaaaayyys ago... But due to time constraints (Laziness XP) I have to stop writing that entry & jump straight to "My day at Starbucks"

Reason why i go to Starbucks is to study...
Seriously, not to enjoy coffee, but to study...

Because i got a "singer" in my room =.="

From 大悲咒, Jacky Cheung, to unknown Japanese games theme songs...
He just couldn't stop singing(more like ruin the songs)

So, I have no choice but to head out to the nearest coffee house to dig deep into my studies.
But why I chose STARBUCKS among all the other shops available?
Well, because for a place that charges RM10++ per drink, i see no reason why this place could not be giving me a comfort place to study... & of course, i googled it^^

1st day I've ordered Ice Mocha with a touch of Chocolate syrup...
The ordering wasn't something i want to remember though =.="

To avoid sounding like a 1st-time-customer to this place & also to avoid waiting long for my drink, i actually did "research" on9 to learn how to order a Starbucks's drink XD
I'm such an idiot...

So here's how the conversation goes...

(Raj=waiter, Idiot=Me)

Raj: "Sir, good morning!"
Idiot: "Hi!"
Raj: "How can i help u?"
Idiot: "Ermmm... I saw a drink recommended in the internet(voice getting softer)... I want an Ice White Chocolate Mocha" (And i thought i was doing it right)
Raj: "Erm... we don't have white chocolate sir. How bout if u try our new drink?"
Idiot: "No, erm... then give me an Ice Mocha."
Raj: "Okay sir."
Idiot: "Can u add Vanilla syrup in as well?"
Raj: "Emm, don't u want the chocolate syrup?"
Idiot: "OhYA!!!! Give me chocolate syrup... that's that's what i meant..."

Just so confusing and embarrassing, totally screw up my plan =.="


But then, the place was comforting, suitable for my revision.
Yay, I've chosen a nice place to do my studies.
But it cost me RM 15++ =.=

So to make it worth, I've sit there for 4 hours straight.
Ya, and i still feel the pain....



Sunday, 12 April 2009




现在我可想不到,希望“下集能为您揭晓”吧! ^^ 嘻嘻嘻!!




她放工回来时,我就在她进房的那时刻开口“演讲”,不停的问她‘今天工作过的好吗?’、‘等下要去哪儿吃啊?’ 等等。




P.s. 在一个夜市中我有缘买了那本“好命女不告诉你的事实”。命运啊!!


拥有个美好的一天吧! ^^

My Favourites...

Morning Breakfast
a cup of Yogurt --> Healthy!


A bar of Nature Valley's wholegrain bar --> YUmmY!


Mix Rice (with vegetables included) --> Consider balance i guess ^^

Dinner Spinner

Anything I desire (Since I've consumed balanced diet in the afternoon XD)

Tomyam!! Chinese Lamien!!! Japanese Ramen!!! Paella!!!
All I want to try and I love to try.

Don't bother about why this entry is so weird...



Monday, 6 April 2009

Brussels Beer Cafe @ Jaya One

L20G block L. Jaya One.
No 72A. Jalan Universiti.
Petaling Jaya,
46200 Selangor.
Tel: (603) 7954 2000
Euro Bier Koncepts Sdn. Bhd.


Push the bad-luck-month aside, this post is nothing about that.

Threesome had decided to have fine dining again ^^ Yay!
This time, Brussels make it to the pick!

~A little introduction~
Brussels is a Belgium concept beer cafe that serves Belgium food (What else?) It is situated in the heart of PalmSquare (Jaya One) and It is the most crowded place in the whole area.

Seriously, I once went to Cafe Chulo (which is situated 1 floor above Brussels) and before i went in to the Chulo, what I saw came beyond my expectations, there were a handful of people in Chulo while Brussels have a "SHIPLOAD" of humans!!!

From that time onwards, I know this is our next destination.

Hm... How do I describe it, the place is well decorated with Euro feel of how a bar should be, with Chinese waiters & waitresses around, it is easier to communicate with them (At least better than those Myanmar/Thais/Vietnamese that only know how to say "yes" & "thank you")

Then, the bar divided into outdoor and indoor as well with liquor sellers (Hot chicks of course) were on the "menu" ^^
They are everywhere as the night was getting darker...

And so, the night began...


~Into the night~
As I wait, and wait... Ops... Sound too familiar...
The waiters were looking at me wondering why the heck a guy like me dress in casual came in ordered a Hoegaarden and sat there online...
What can i do?? I'm waiting for 2 "hot mamas" XD

Okay, so they arrived.

Kesiaaaan KL, I saw her with pale-looking-face and know that she's not feeling well.
*Hugz* Take care ya...

Hm... The waitress serving us that day was truly a "pain in the arsE", she gave us this "You're-not-working class" look when she served us...
What can I say?
Some people just hate their job...
Hopefully the food ain't a "pain-in-the-arSe".

These are the food we've ordered...

Hoegaarden White Draugh RM 14.00*
Brussels Chicken Stoemp RM 25.00*

Enchante RM 15.00*
Porkloin RM 28.80*

Enchante RM 15.00*
Rosemary Lamb RM 38.80*

*May change in future

And I've ordered Belgium Waffle as well XD
And it taste like Hell ^^

It feels weird this time as KL is not feeling well and not contributing much in the conversation (As she's the Radio most of the time)

And she actually deleted the pics we took for her!! Just because she said she didn't look good in the pictures-.-"

But still, no running away from the camera, girl! Hahaha!
A surprise for you later in this post.

: 9.0 marks (The chicken taste great! Especially KL's Rosemary Lamb, it was so good until she ate it Prehistoric style) XD

ENVIRONMENT: 8.5 marks (For guys, got chicks selling liquor. For girls, this place promise a lot of people to look at, you might got the chance to see a live band performance!!)

SERVICE: 7.5 marks (The boy-looking girl ruins it.)

PRICE: 8.0 marks (It's okay i guess)

OVERALL: 82.5%

Nice concept, nice Hoegaarden, nice style...
Surely come back for more!!



~All of the statements said above are my personal opinions & it may not be 100% true in terms of feelings and judgemente, it is just a guide/review that one can use as reference~