Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A series of unfortunate events: Cockroaches in my car

I learnt something new today. I learnt that no matter how focus you are when you drive, when a critter suddenly appears out of no where in front of you, you still gonna be surprised when you see one. This is even more true when the critter's size is bigger than its brethren.

Bought a Makfor F Roach Bait Gel today and it costs me RM 130. Some might argue this is expensive for roach killer. For me, it's more of being determine in dealing with roach infestation in my car. My car has been 'visited' by roaches since a year ago, at first, it was just some dwarf size roaches, but today, a Godzilla-size roach appear 2 feet away from me while I drive. As I was driving to work, that 20 minutes feels more like 20 hours.

During the trip, I've already planned a strings of actions needed to be taken when I reach my destination. It sounds something like this:
1. Stop car, step out of car
2. Grab a book, get ready
3. Flip over the laptop bag that supposedly hides where the roach is
4. Kill it, bury it.

Unfortunately, life doesn't always go according to plan. When I flipped over the bag, the roach is no where to be found. In short. I bought the RM 130 Bait Gel in hope of extinguishing the roaches once and for all. Leslie (the expert who sold me this) applied it to every possible spot the roach might walk pass. He told me I will see cockroach bodies in 24 hours. Which means I still might see the gigantic cockroach while I drive later. This is gonna be exciting!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A series of unfortunate events: Road accident

So here I am.

Rushing to my Company to meet up with a colleague as I promised him that I'll fetch him to the event venue. It's raining cats and dogs and it is getting harder to just have a clear vision as to what I might ran into few meters in front. However, knowing how late I am to the event, I decided to drive a bit faster (60 km/h, not much isn't it?).

As I reached the turn that leads to my Company, I decided to took a follow-the-rule-book route which I have to make a round trip before I can reach my colleague car. By right, I can just skip all that by driving into the One-way road, who would have knew, someone else was taking the exact route I go against, and as I make a turn into the road, the Estima ran into me and BAM! My beloved Prince 'kiss' a bully Estima's on the lip. Knowing how late I am to the event, I quickly took pictures of the car that hit me and the damage my car received, snapped a picture of the driver's IC and continue heading to the venue. (The driver did pay for the repairs because he knew he was driving in a One-way on the opposite direction, which is the reason for the accident)

So, what's the moral of the story?

The Angel would say:
Never drive fast even when you are in a hurry, it's even more true when it's raining.

The Devil would say:
Even though you drive fast and involve in an accident, never admit your fault when the other person is the one in major fault.

So, which side are you from?

Monday, 24 March 2014

From boys to men, from men to warriors from Troy.

What distinguish men from boys, is his tendency to admit his own mistakes, to take responsibility even when it might seem too hard to carry, never back down from a fight, or jumping off from a plane 20000 feet in the air and say I love you while holding a cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This is what real men should strive to achieve.

Being a man is not just using Oldspice products, being a man is more than that. Having a manly voice comes first, next is getting a huge-ass moustache and beard, all while working out and getting a six pack and body that looks like a warrior from Troy. No, you should never trim your armpit hair unless it hinders you from swinging your sword properly against invading aliens. Other than that, you should never trim your hair. Let it grow naturally. For some native folks in Malaysia, hair is the symbol of a man.

Coming back from over-dramatic used of adjective and imagination, let just take a few steps back to when we first recognize the power of being assertive. Being assertive is basically the first lesson to be a man. Assertive in an active manner, and assertive in passive manner. What do I mean by this?

Assertive in an active manner is done when you actively giving out ideas/instructions/orders to others, or someone who knows what he wants and has a clear picture of what is the best solution (according to him) to the problem and he is not afraid to bear the responsibility of sharing it out. This, is what being a real man is all about.

Assertive in passive manner, a man who doesn't speak much, but when he does, it's gold. A person in this category usually let his actions do the talking, when he does something so good and reap such heavy outcome that people just follow him even when he doesn't actively asking for it.

That's all for today's sharing, perhaps it's best to just learn this little step right now before going towards a bigger step.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Life's Lesson. #1

Life, isn't like what it used to be. The knowledge from our ancestors are not 100% true any more.

In this modern era, people evolve. Society expectation droves people out of their comfort zone and into changing the behaviour of mankind. Thus, created a list of new individuals with million differences and one similarity. Let's take love for example:

Just love isn't sufficient any more, you need real strength in order to really capture your destiny. Even when overflowing love is demonstrated to the one you cherish, society has make it impossible to turn those effort into sure-gain outcome. Just like when you push a balloon into the lake, the more you push it downwards, the more it tries to float high up. The art of giving love isn't how much you say or do, but how thoughtful the little things you did for her when it matter most. Things that come naturally from you, from within. There's no planning, just sheer spontaneous actions. As for a man, this is even harder, as we are not built to be giving attention to details or remembering to give chocolates on the 100 hours dating anniversary and others. However, what men can really do to keep his woman is to be a real man.

Yes, it's just that simple.