Sunday, 31 May 2009

Taiping! 太平! Part 4 Movie and KueyTeow goreng

Date: 25th May 2009
Time: 2.20 pm
Venue: Taiping Sentral

Eddy really is a nice guy, a friend indeed, haha! He even go for movie with me just because I wanted to watch "Startrek"!
(Actually I've been acting innocent and depressed to get his pity, lolx!)

Thanks Eddy!

We watched "Startrek" that day, but it is kind of weird, the workers at the counter look shock when I approached the counter to buy the tickets, later only realized that we are the 1st one to buy the tickets =.=

First to buy tickets = Few people go for that movie

The hall was so empty until it frightened me, because it is just TOOOOOO quiet...
and it was sooooooo scary, the whole hall just me and Eddy...
*swallowing saliva*

But still, the movie was good, it is what i expected from Startrek ^^
I'm satisfied that's for sure.
Gonna go for the sequel (if there's any)

------------------ Sequel, where are you --------------------

Date: 27th May 2009
Time: 9 something pm
Venue: Doli restaurant, Taiping

Doli restaurant is famous for its Kuey Teow Goreng, seriously you better come and try it yourself. Rm 3.50 for a regular Fried KueyTeow worth your every penny...


Do remember don't order the "Kuey Teow Goreng SPECIAL"!!!!


Don't get fool by the word "SPECIAL"!

The innocent-looking "special" caused more than you can ever think of, I got fool, never thought the word "special" will cause me to pay 100% more than the regular Fried KueyTeow!!!!

The freaking Special Fried KueyTeow caused me RM 8.00!!!

This is the most expensive KueyTeow Goreng i have ever ordered =.=

Bloody hell!!
I didn't know it was such a case until i saw the receipt...

They add some BIGGER prawn and charged me extra RM 4.50 =.="
It's still not worth it even though it really taste great...



Saturday, 30 May 2009

Taiping! 太平! Part 3 Lake Garden

I always wanted to jog in Taiping Lake Garden, seriously speaking, the best lake garden in the whole west Malaysia (IMO)

Just imagine, fresh-cool air causes by the lake, trees and plants breeze through your face while you jog (or simply walk) around the lake garden.

Hm... "revive" is the word I use to describe the feeling.

SotSotcat and I made an agreement that we will jog when I'm back to Taiping, without a doubt, this is the best decision I made yet. Wuuhuuuu~~

Supposedly there should be another friend, and also Eddy, but he refuses to wake up so early in the morning =.="

Only left me and SotSotcat to jog, but hey!
Russian Roulette still rolls even if there are not enough player (correct me if I'm wrong)

--------------------- Run, lari, 跑 ----------------------

I woke up 6.45am in the morning, and darn, I haven't been awake this early in the morning since...


Since 2008 December -.-"

After some washing and brushing, I ride my trustful EX 5 to the destination - Taiping Lake garden.

~Brief intro~
Taiping Lake Garden located near Taiping Zoo, it is a huge area covering a large piece of land. It was founded in 1880 and is the OLDEST garden in the whole Malaysia.
Formerly a tin mine, it has transformed into a well maintain garden.
Not just trees, plants, insects and fishes, if you lucky, you might even see a REAL LIFE Komodo Dragon(a species of lizard that can reach to 3 meters *.*) roaming around the lake.

Talk about nature's blessing ^^

I arrived at 7.35am and the age-old scene was appearing in front of me. Old folks gathered around for Tai-Chi practice (more than 5 groups of them), young and old jog/walk around the Lake garden, bright-blue-clear beautiful sky covering soil of heaven.
These showed that day is really suitable for jogging. Hihi!

Again, SotSotcat was late =.="
So i called her up and there she is!!

20 minutes later -.-"

Hahaa! Sorry ya, cat ^^"

Along the way, we saw some pretty weird practice, seriously it was "electrifying", the women shake their hands like they are robot that got hit by huge amount of electricity current. I think this is some form of Tai-Chi practice but I'm not sure, too bad I'm not able to take a video/pictures out of it because they were staring at me -.-"

The view was so hilarious because they shake their hands so much that I thought they got Parkinson Disease.

Ignoring their routine, we continue to run, ah~~
No wonder people like to come over to TLG (Taiping Lake Garden) to jog, the wonderful flora and fauna, the greenery brings a whole meaning to life. It is just a simple creation of nature but it looks so stunning.

[Update]More rare scenery appeared, I saw this green-weird creature holding to a piece of
wood, or more precisely, hugging a pillar... hm...

TLG not just provide a habitat for the animals, a place for jogging, but it too provides Paddle-Boat Rides to the visitors. I once ride it, it was fun, but it looks much more interesting now as they renovated the place and increased some new funky boats in the mix.
Okay, this boat ride will be my next mission to Taiping. XD

Finally, after 2 hours of jogging, my viewing pleasure was satisfied. Me and SotSotcat gone for breakfast in an old hut, tasting Taiping traditional KueyTeow mee curry at its best. Yummy! Fresh and exquisite I would say.

P.S.: Before going back, I asked for permission to use the bathroom from SotSotcat dad's shop, =.=" this was the second time I asked for it, damn, it was embarrassing.
Her mom asked "Why he always come and borrow our washroom har?"

"I like your bathroom lol!"
Just kidding -.-

here's a video i found in Youtube, feel free to check it out.



Taiping! 太平! Part 2

After venturing through the "mystical" temple 佛教会. Me & Eddy accepted the invitation from SotSotcat to Sushi King for lunch ^^
It was great I guess, because we don't have Sushi King 2 years ago in Taiping, and since SotSotcat "begging" us complaining she hasn't been able to taste RAW FISH in Setapak=.=
So we have to bring her there.

I should have just bring her to the fishmarket to satisfy her hunger for RAW FISH. lolx!

------------------------------ !><((*> -------------------------------


We had a great time there, tasting the essence of the sea with some wasabi in the mix, made me shed tears eating them while thinking
"oh gosh! We are so bless with these wonderful marine life!"
*shedding tears due to Wasabi*

SotSotcat was happy to see us again, especially after so many months not seeing either of us (I blame myself too for not meeting up with her during the semester *.*)
We talked about our future, Eddy's used-to-be-fair-red-lovely-skin, the breakups, and etc only to realise we missed so many things happened in our lives.


The sushi here is good, not splendid i would say because it taste like those in MidValley, so, I rate it as AVERAGE.

Like what my Japanese Language lecturer used to say:

"Sushi here in Malaysia doesn't taste anywhere like the sushi in Japan, Japanese won't even taste these Sushi if it wasn't for social reason in Malaysia"

So don't blame me for rating "average" to the sushi we had.
And we took some pictures while sunk our teeth into those not-so-lovely sushi.


Actually there's more Eddy's pictures because SotSotcat kept on taking them XD
But i deleted it because people might think I'm a homo for keeping so many guys pictures in my handphone =.="

Well, that's all, till the next outing...

Ohya! Me, Eddy and WJ gone to have Pokok Assam Fried Chicken as supper later that night, yummy!!
I can say, this stall sells the BEST Homemade Fried Chicken in the whole Malaysia!
Don't believe me? Give it a try then ^^



~All of the statements said above are my personal opinions & it may not be 100% true in terms of feelings and judgemente, it is just a guide/review that one can use as reference~

Friday, 29 May 2009

Taiping! 太平!

Taiping is my hometown, and it is the ONLY city in Malaysia that have Chinese word as the name of the city, and I'm proud of it ^^

This is not because of its name, but it is because Taiping in Chinese is 太平, which means "peaceful". Trust me, this town still have its origin intact with the old and the new buildings.

Everytime I'm back, the feeling of peacefulness dance around me, all my emoness and problems fade away, while I gratefully sink my body into this wonderful home of mine.
Nothing beats the comfort of your own home ^^

-------------------------Taiping, wo ai ni!---------------------------

After so many months of slacking and not-so-great-effort on bonding with my old mates at Taiping, I've decided to accomplish a mission which I've created before my finals - I'm gonna spend ALL my time with my old mates.

And indeed, it served me well.

They, have been my friends for years, they understand me, care for me, and above all, years of companionship has build a strong foundation within us, especially Eddy and Shun Feng, SotSotcat and WJ, Saboteurr2la and Even, baoqi & fengxue etc.

I'll talk about that later.

This time, the one I knew longest didn't manage to come back, but hey, I still have Eddy! Haha!
So we decided to come out with WJ, where else?
Other than "pa ki" (cyber cafe la!)

But then, being as different as I am, I succeeded in persuading them not to go for gaming, instead, we went to a Temple. lolz!
Instead of going to waste our time at a cafe, we spent time in the temple, how holy we are XD

佛教会in Taiping is different from any other temple i know of, why?
because not only you will see gods' statue, praying stands, and lots of joss sticks and candles, you will actually be able to find a kindergarten inside the temple.

Why I know about this? Hehe! Because I'm one of the students ^^

It feels good coming back after all these YEARS.
I'm a bad boy yes I know,
i should have come back here months ago,
but hey, is better be late than sorry ^^

Me, eddy & WJ hang around the place until we felt we are fully "cleanse" by the holiness of the place (>.<) only we decided to go gaming again. XD excuse alright.


Night out at Island Cafe

Okay, this happen few weeks ago, but is better be late than sorry right XD

I kinna forgot why we are here, oh yes!
Jorene asked us to come out and have a night at Murni, PJ.
Since the "princess" asked, of course we, as the "servants" have to comply to her needs. *acting in a play*

Okay, i exaggerate.

But yes, we did come out and dine at Murni, as always, Murni got the "best" service you can find anywhere on the planet.
And luckily, this thing below happened, it kind of "excite" me in a way.

*You are about to see a footage that will blow your mind a way!!*
(Not really ^^")

So, you seen it, the "cops" came and "visited" Murni because they don't have the license needed to add the EXTRA tables around the area outside of their restaurant.
Haih, pity them, i think they got fine for the amount of tables that were not eligible to be arranged around the area.

--------------------Murni, I still like you, lol!!--------------------

Then, forgot who, but someone suggested we go to Island Cafe for a drink, liquor that is ^^"

So we ended up there.

It was fun hanging out and chatting, drinking...

playing domino the USUAL WAY...

and the UNUSUAL WAY...

Ahem... Here is the video i took that day...
Viewer discretion is advised...

The video below is the one succeeded in working "normally" as it should ^^"




Monday, 11 May 2009

Going back to the past XD

Wish you have a time machine?
Wish you can be a kid again?

Haha! That's how me and the BC gang felt when we played basketball that day. The funny thing is, is not the basketball that make us feels like kids again, but the activity afterward.

But that's later...

-------------------Boundary makes organization better------------------

Me and DC, Kent, KC, Winson, Paul went for a basketball match at section 17, and boy, it was scorching hot that day!!
In fact, we were melting under the sun like a vanilla-smell-candle...

I gotta admit, I'm getting too old for this, since i haven't been playing basketball for 3 months, my stamina can't support my will and my heart of a lion...

I got the drive, but don't have the energy.
Is like i want to buy a condom, but don't have the 7Eleven around.

I have to stop playing for few minutes every 15 minutes just to breath normal again.
*shying away from my seat*

*cough cough* I'm getting old...

---------------------------Time ~.~ flies----------------------------

I think the gang gotta admit, KC have the best stamina in the game, man, did you see that kid run???
Sneak in and out from the inside-court like nobody else business.
He didn't stop playing and running even after we have our turn resting.

I salute you, dude!!


Okay, after all that running and dribbling/shooting, we went to the playground "ahem"
yes, we went to the playground searching for our memories. lolz!!

seesaw, the "climbing pole", slope & etc sure brings back memories, and we make the most out of the seesaw ^^

it was hell of fun trying to balance the thing with our weight, it took us nearly 5 minutes to succeed, and yes, we did it XD

Later Paul went creative and did a "magic trick" with it ^^

That's just another wacky day we had ^^



Daily Blues

Time: Morning I guess
Date: 22nd of April 2009
Venue: ss2 Sushi Tomo

Woke up in the morning and first thing I remember is that I need to go do my exam revision at Starbucks, so me and Investor Lee decided to have breakfast somewhere near there.

"There it is, Sushi Tomo standing firm on the ground", just opposite the wonderful Starbucks that I will be going later that day.

Sushi Tomo isn't your typical Sushi restaurant, from the name one might thought this is a Japanese restaurant.
Damn, how wrong I am.

Just beside the place I sat were some newspaper written in foreign language, so I though "okay, it must be in Japanese"

Who knows, It was so wrong when i saw "blocks letters" in these newspaper, ops!
It is actually in Hangul. Korean la!!!

Seriously kind of weird having Korean Newspaper here in a supposedly-Japanese restaurant. Investor Lee keep nagging me to pass him the newspaper, I'm like wtf?
"You can't even read Hangul, dude."
But you know, when a man wants his newspaper, he gets his newspaper...

Seriously, it is funny to see him acting like he knows Hangul XD
In reality, he just look at the fascinating shape of the words =.="

So, the food arrived...

Brief Food review:
The food is fresh, that's for sure, but the portion is just "not-so-worth it" though. Considering it cost around Rm16++ for a meal.
Not to mention it took quite long to get our food and drinks, YES DRINKS TOO!

--------------------------End of story 1----------------------------

Time: Morning again
Date: 27th April 2009
Venue: ss2 "记得吃"

Another exam week morning, another day at Starbucks, but before that, we when to "记得吃".

I always want to try the food here but don't have the chance, because it is said their dessert is the best in this region. Rumors... Okay, i don't hold any responsibility towards this statement XD

The ambiance is nice, but the service was... s...u....c...k...s...
They didn't even gave us a smile, and the food we've ordered...
Is not on par with other restaurant.

The dessert, well, may be we've ordered something that's not famous, that's why it is sssssssuuuuuccccckkkksss...
We've ordered 芝麻糊 and 花生浆糊 lol... sorry for not remembering the name XD

P.s. The prawn paste was awesome! It is standard In my opinion^^



Friday, 8 May 2009

Bruschetta Review #2 [my recipe]

Okaaaaaay, now Ive drank some Absolute Vodka 40% so a bit blur blur...
but stil... i able to write this entryyyyy...

----------------------------Okay, I'm drunk----------------------------

*3 days later*

Just return from OUG after visiting my aunt...
Brought back a lot of IKO biscuits ^^

You won't see IKO biscuits in this package anywhere on the market ^^ "Relatives only"

This is one of the things aunt bought from Hokkaido few weeks back

-----------------------------Back to the topic-------------------------------



Half Big Round Red Onion (chopped)
3 ripe Tomatoes (I use normal tomatoes, not those Australian's or Italian's)
3 cloves of garlic (sliced in half, try to make the sliced part as big surface area as possible) [I'm too scientific am I -.-"]
1 loaf of Country Herbs French Baguette
Parmesan Cheese (I prefer Mozzarella)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Any brand will do)
Black Ground Pepper (again, I use Mc Cormick's)
Basil Leaves (Mc Cormick's)

Peel the tomatoes - I suggest make a cross on top and bottom of the tomatoes and put it in a bowl filled with boiled water, this will make the peeling easy.
Clean the insides of the tomatoes and chopped them in any shape you like- I chopped it into small bits.
Cut 3 slices of French Baguette, approximately 1 cm thick each.

Put the tomatoes, onions into a bowl and mix it with a teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (as virgin as possible), a pinch of salt, a sprinkle of ground black pepper and a sprinkle of basil leaves. Leave it aside.

Now, toast or grill the slices of bread for 5 minutes (both sides)
If it looks a bit burnt, is okay, as this will add flavor to the bread. Yummy!

Rub the toasted/grilled bread with a clove of garlic,
spread it with a teaspoon of Olive Oil, season it with sprinkles of salt and ground pepper,
put the toppings (Tomatoes and onions mix) on the bread,
a bit of Parmesan cheese on top, sprinkle some basil leaves and grill/toast it and...





Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bruschetta Review #1 [I'm the cook^^]

Okay, I suppose to be writing this post ages ago, but I've been busy with exams...

So now, here it is...


Yes, you heard it right...
I'm making Bruschetta and it will be my signature dish soon enough ^^
Bye bye my King's Smooth Booth Sandwich <--link *waving* But first, a little bit of history... (Darn, i hate that word)


Bruschetta was first being known (or founded) at the 15th century when growers of olives at central Italy planned to grill their bread over a woodfire grill.
Since they have a lot olive oil, they decided to grill the bread and sampled it with olive oil before rubbing a garlic on it.
Later, variations of Bruschetta emerged as tomato, onions and etc being introduced to the cuisine.

----------------------thank god that was over -.-"-------------------------

After the break up, I have been looking for things to do to spend my free time.
Since i like preparing delicious meal, I've decided to make an appetizer as a start to my "tantalizing" career in the culinary world XD

So i browsed,

and browsed,

and browsed...

Until i saw the word Bruschetta...

*Saliva dripping down from my mouth, with salivary glands keep excreting the enormous waves of "teeth juice"*

And i know, at the very moment, this is the appetizer that i am looking for^^
Here goes nothing...

----------------At last, the step-by-step shall begins------------------




The bruschetta picture was taken from
thank you