Saturday, 20 June 2009

Spain, going the right way... [Vincente Del Bosque]

Vincente Del Bosque- Coach of the Spanish national football team, IMO, he's one of the best national coach out there. The best of the best! Probably the first coach that's going to bring Spain to their FIRST World Cup in 2010.

I'm a long-time admirer of Vincente, not many know about this but yes, he's my favourite coach in the world right now.

I first notice him when I watched 1 of the Real match on TV, yup, I'm a fan of Real Madrid.
In 2002 during the Zidane, Raul & Hierro era, the era when Los Galacticos haven't (really) arrived. That is the best Madrid team at that time, but damn, if wasn't because President Florentino Perez plan to build a team with "super" stars, Vincente won't even think of leaving Real.

Del Bosque got sacked after he succeeded in winning the La Liga title in 2003, a week after the club signed Beckham. Rumors saying that he actually not happy with the new system that Florentino is practicing, which is signing whoever Perez thinks suitable for his "Galacticos" image. -.-"

I won't blame Del Bosque for leaving the club, I mean, when you can't have control over who to sign during transfer window, then where's the fun of managing a team??
Since then, Real has stopped challenging any team like how they used to be.

Because of his departure, I lost my thirst for Real, I still check on them once in a while, but not as frequent as I used to be when Vincente is around. Due to his departure, Real has stop venturing into last 8 of the Euro stage, and even worst when during the 7 years after Vincente leaved the club, they didn't land any major trophies except the La Liga in 07 (Which is Fabio Capello) and weird enough, he too got sacked afterward. Seems like Real got a habit of sacking whoever is good for the club =.="


But now, Vincente made the wise choice of couching my favourite national team, which is SPAIN!!
My favourite coach with my favourite team, what can you possibly ask for??

Spain is closing the record held by Brazil for the most unbeaten match run which is 35 matches, currently, they are 1 match off the world record. With 14th successive win saw them equal the world record for consecutive victories, who would doubt their chance of equaling the WR set by Brazil?

Vincente did really well in assembling a squad good enough to win the World Cup, and as a supporter of Spain, I'm really happy about it.
For sure, 2010 will be the year I'll be watching Spain play their best football live on TV, with my Spanish cap on. ^^




Thursday, 18 June 2009

This is the worst sem ever

have to juggle between assignment and settling grouping problem at the same time...


When personal benefit is at stake, even angels show their true colors...



Wednesday, 17 June 2009

BuSy tImeS TwO

Just some busy day at school, every class starts at 8am...
I will surely burn out of fuel one day.

Everyday reached home around 5pm, not to mention the amount of distant I've walk every schooldays.

Darn! Kilometers and Kilometers of sidewalks and road I need to step on, surely took its toll on me. After coming back from class, my body was so exhausted that I have no mood to do revision, and have to make an excuse of saying "nah, i will do revision on Thursday and Friday" which is because those 2 days are "classless" XD

--------------------------- o<--< -----------------------------

Anyway, since I have few minutes to spare, I want to say...

I'm sorry for what I've done indirectly to those that assist me before in everything I do (including of academics and socializing)
Sorry for not been helping much in coursework and others since I've joined the Drama competition last semester.

and I also, I would like to say that I'm glad that I have you as a friend, even though I did something wrong to you before, and thankfully you forgive me for it.
Wish that we can be like how we used to be.


Next dedication is to all my fellow classmates and BC gang, good luck in accommodating to our new timetable, I know it must have been hard for you,
so, ganbatte!!



Saturday, 6 June 2009

Daily Blues

Date: June 4th, 2009
Time: 1800 hours
Venue: ss2 Pasar Malam

Yesterday msn with Jorene and got invited to Pasar Malam with Kc and Jor's cousin, but who knows, the cousin didn't come over-.-"

Who cares, pasar malam won't closed down just because of him not coming XD

So around 6pm KC fetched me and we go together in his "Ah Kan" (Kancil la~)
Damn, as expected from ss2's pasar malam, traffic sure congested.
Thank god KC knew how to use the 'lorong kecil' to reach there.
*sigh of relieve*

--------------------------So we reached---------------------------

Since the pasar malam situated just opposite DC's place, I called him out too. Some miscommunication occurred and I ended up trailing them =.="

Anyway, NuoNuo, her sister, and more surprisingly, George and his gf Taiwanmei Doris too were there, talk about "reunion" lol

KC said he's coming here is to see ONEfm DJ to get the thingy to win cash prizes, well, some miscommunication again, and we ended up waiting for the ONEfm crew for an hour.

bought some food and reached home at 9 something pm.

Ohya, i saw blogger Yufie too, but I'm not sure if is her so didn't say "hi".
But now confirmed is her, wow, she really looks cute ^^"

------------------------- Another day -------------------------

Date: June 6th, 2009
Time: ???? pm
Venue: section 17 badminton court

Is been years since i last played badminton, and it was funny though as me, DC, KC and Jorene played outdoor badminton instead of indoor. The wind blowing the shuttlecock (S.COCK) around XD
How to play ler??!!!??

We are laughing our arse off because of the S.COCK going to the direction that we don't want to.
But it was fun nonetheless, as laughter cures everything.

Too bad I didn't took my lunch and ended up a bit dizzy when playing badminton, and causes me to lose some easy shots =.="
Jorene being cocky saying I suck when playing against her! She even challenge me for a game next time when we play it indoors.
haha! You're dead!

After dinner, we went home straight with night outing in pending. Hope it works^^



Tuesday, 2 June 2009



so many "qu" confused you? No need my friend, your eyes didn't deceives you, this place is really called “趣台北” XD

But when you ask like that, there will be THREE sound "qu" in the sentence, I like to confuse people XD


趣台北is a Taiwan-food theme restaurant that offers variety of Taiwanese food to its customers. Classic Taiwanese food such as 三杯鸡,鲁肉饭,盐酥鸡趴饭 and etc.

The most recognizable drink here is definitely the "bubble tea" ^^
This is easily distinguishable with large part of its beverage menu consists of bubble tea varieties.

They even present the bubble tea "pearl" in a tiny delicate cup for us. Nice~

趣台北located at the opposite of MC Donald's in ss2 and it is newly open so if the "traffic" gets congested, you know it is because of its "freshness".

The ambiance is okay, it actually looks a bit simple with tables and chairs arranged like in a class of a kindergarten XD lolx

--------------------------Food tasting---------------------------

I've ordered 三杯鸡because this is what the waitress recommended me to(鲁肉饭too)
cost me around Rm14.50 but the portion of the chicken is quite huge so you can say it's worth every penny (portionwise)

Tastewise, it is just so-so, the chicken doesn't taste as good as the one in 龙的传人, but i like the gravy on top of the rice though, yummy!!^^

Joy, ordered this below...

This is by far the tastiest dish we've ordered the whole evening lolx
It is called 台湾香肠-taiwanese sausage.
It taste much better than those you tasted in the Pasar Malam anywhere in Malaysia.
Instead of frying it, they bake it.

Taste wonderful!

We get some "special" discount too when we settled the bill ^^
But that will be our secret la... haha...

------------------------Later at night-------------------------

We gone to Pasar Malam to "see see look look" but I forgot where's the place -.-"
The girls bought some clothes and we gone home after that...

Well, all in a day's work.



P.S.: I didn't includes any personal rating in this post because I feel there's more good food there, so until i tried the delicacies, I will not include my marks in.