Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Kampar trip - part 2

While I was in Kampar, yours truly me has the chance of tasting and seeing some new things.

My grandma prepared some really alien-like dishes I've ever taste before, like my first encounter of eating belacan. It taste like heaven (literally) when I first try it.
Especially when it is prepare with petai. Hmmmm... hmmm... yummy!

But I didn't find it nice after I know how they are actually prepared =.=
Why? This is because there are shit foreign things that are added indirectly without knowledge into the belacan.


It amazed me how old people keep themselves busy by doing things that we normal human beings won't do (Or should I say normal young adults won't do).

This masterpiece was made by my grandma in a month. With some creativity juice flow, she came up with this creation that can be sold for a few tens of Ringgit.

This baby over here, is called Kah Lui. It appears that this gigantic mutant-like fish is 13 years old. It might doesn't look that way in this puny picture.
But trust me, this Godzilla-size freak fish is huge for a fish his type.

Sadly, It died few weeks ago when I got back to Kampar for vacation. R.I.P. Kah Lui.

-----------Don't be fooled, I'm actually very kind------------

Now ladies and gentleman, I'm going to introduce you to one of the best laksa (may be the best) in Kampar.

Disclaimer: The laksa you about to see might not look convincing, and it might not look like the normal laksa you know. But trust me, the taste is great.

This baby over here is one of the best laksa I've ever taste, honestly, before tasting this, I'm not a laksa man, in fact, I hate eating laksa due to my previous experience in primary school, where I nearly choked to bleed as I first taste the laksa.

But this laksa is different, it taste very fresh (not many people use this to describe huh? ^^) The mixture of its sourness and spiciness was just perfectly balanced.
The simple combination of raw onion rings, peppermint leaves and fu pei is what it makes it taste so good, and of course, the aroma gave out from the heavenly soup is just spectacular.

My uncle introduce me to this Kwan Yew laksa (I think that is what it is called). He says that he needs to eat it every week or else he would die.

The seller is actually an Ah Gua (transsexual?), but don't be fooled, his laksa is the best in the business even though he doesn't look like it.

Trust me on this, you are going to love it.

--------------------Boundary line---------------------

The funny thing in sub-urban town and urban area is the 'gaoness' of their drinks, the difference is obvious.

In the urban-like, steroid-pumped and well developed city, their drinks are mostly expensive and superbly diluted.

It is so diluted until you will mistaken lychee juice with plain water.

But not in rural areas.
Jeram is the kind of rural village that gives good'ol concentrated drinks.
I have the chance to taste one of the drinks there, it was this barli that makes me feel like writing about it.

It is just a normal coffee shop's barli but damn, the taste is awesome. It is so concentrated until you will feel like ordering TWO barli drinks instead of one.

Then, there is this Claypot Yee Mee that I like it so much.
The reason,

It is the FIRST ever Claypot Yee Mee (煲仔面)I had, because of this, Claypot Yee Mee has become my second FAVOURITE noodle dish precede only by RAMEN!

Honestly, the fresh prawns here add the extra "ohm!" that other Claypot Yee Mee never gives. You got to try it to believe it.


--------Ramen is like god, Claypot Yee Mee is like Confucious---------

Ops, look at the time, I have to start packing and get ready to go back to Taiping tomorrow.

Till Then


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Kampar trip - part 1

So as I've promised, here is a post on the trip back to Kampar.

During the freaking 1 month I stayed in my grandma's place in Jeram, I've been busy with my Final Year Project (FYP) since I need to meet up with Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Science Dr. Teh regarding my FYP.

A lot of hardwork and dedication was put in this FYP,
and a lot of SWEAT and BLOOD spilt in...


Okay, come on! All work no play makes King a fail King. A kingdom can't be command by a dumb king right? So I too need to have some fun.

Those were the places I've frequently visited. God grace it is just opposite of one another, if not I will be traveling a lot like a camel in the desert.

The second picture is the house where I stay, and the first picture is the house I visit to online and to cool myself down, literally (Air-cond ^^b).
The place is bloody spacious and nice, I just have to travel there everyday to feel the comfort. Hmmmm~

During the 1 month there, I'm "blessed" with visits from my little "adorable" cousins =.="

Some are FUN,

Some are just like GUNS!

Shooting me here and there with their frequent rounds of annoyance.

But of course, they are nice to play with when they don't have the 'gun' ^^
Especially Sim and Ting.

This is how it looks like at night

During the night of Chinese New Year, we kind of had a steamboat + birthday party at my place. Tonnes of cousins I have no idea of came by and it was a CHAOS!

Here, i would like to thank my superbly "yao yeng" cousin brother Fei for bringing me around Kampar and Ipoh for movies and to the Dept of Immigration. Thanks man.

Here are some of the picture I took while hanging out with them.

To be continued...

Till then


Saturday, 3 April 2010

对联 #2

这几天忙到像鬼在七月十四一样 ,走上走下。还有Final Year Project和形形色色的功课,


昨天忙完了,FYP 也交了,顿时觉得好像蓝天飞翔的鹰,自由自在、独观群雄一样,好久也没这感觉了。




出句: 琴棋书画人生趣 [林海蓝天]
对句:刀剑弓枪兵涯事 [thoraedas]

I don't know about you, but I think is bloody cool (^^,)

出句: 水浅舟难渡[林海蓝天]
对句: 风暖花罕闭 [thoraedas]

作者意见:那天他应该是中了“后天性对对胡来胡去没什么联东西感觉严重病情恶化敢死症”,简称“对联病”。出了很多对句 (其实我心底是很感谢他有这个病)

海川苦别赤阳彩 。


风起山岚 牵云共舞作仙隐,
水落江河 引船连冲创水神。

作者意见:我都不知道我怎么会有这个灵感,写出什么“创水神”之说,不过也蛮“型”的 ^^

出句: 诗田种我三生愿 ,
对句: 法牢埋她一世情。

作者意见:这句“法牢埋她一世情”很有FEEL吧? 哈哈!

今天就到这里,我还是赶紧去写关于我在POKOK ASSAM 和 金宝 的贴。 =.=