Friday, 31 July 2009

Daily Blues again

Do you call this camwhoring?

Few days ago is Darren's birthday, we kind of bought him this Famous Amos cookies, damn nice ^^
Especially the container, really cute!! I mean COOL!!


That day me and Jane like photographers doing cover up for an issue, taking pictures of the present from every possible angle XD

"That's right baby, keep doing it, that's it..."

That quote is for the Famous Amos by the way.


Received this gift from kind-girl Shima ^^ The piG looks very nice.

now, My CaoCao robot has a pet already XD


Time: around 10pm
Date: 26th July 2009
Venue: Seapark

Shannon msn me while I'm away (ops!) asking if I want to join him for Seapark indomee, as a true friend surely I said yes. Heheh^^

He brought me there with his Peugeot and we 'landed' at the place few minutes later.

We talked about cars (as I planned to buy 1 once I graduated) and I glad I did as I know nothing about cars and he knows nothing but cars, I learnt a lot from him and now I'm confident that I will buy one for sure.

His wish came true when he got the chance to eat Indomee in the end.



Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Schneider Electric "Green the World" interuniveristy challenge 2009

Whoa, talk about hectic schedule. I've been busy with FYP and Qualitative research as well as Micro seminar.

I've been so busy until I fall a sick.

and no is not H1N1.


Few weeks ago I've covered an event for my Feature Writing assignment, it was something that I never thought of.

A FORMAL event organised by an established company, why I said it is formal?
Because it was held at One World Hotel near One Utama.

With less then 2 hours of sleep the night before, I can basically say I'm officially not in the condition to conduct any sort of "academically-correct" interview. Since I was helping my friends with their video shooting, I'm only home around 5 am and woke up at 7am to prepare myself for the event.

It ain't easy.

Knowing this is a 5 star hotel, my guts tells me "King, you better not embarrassing yourself, so please wear formal attire for the event."

I kind of listen to it, the only difference is I'm not wearing a tie, not a big deal right?

Anyway, I've took a cab go straight to One World Hotel, the time I land my feet on the entrance of the hotel, I'm greeted politely by the servers (Not sure how you call it) before guiding me to the venue which is BALLROOM MAPLE JUNIOR.

I though my friend was joking when he told me the name of the venue.
The venue does exists -.-"

But why Junior and not senior??
Who cares?
I'm talking nonsense so forgive me.


Next, as I'm entering the hall way going to the room, I'm welcomed by Baroque music that played in the background XD
So cool man!! Can you imagine the scene?

5 star hotel + golden interior + Baroque music = Keawesomeman

Especially the Baroque music, remember the song that played during the scene where they portray British royalty in the movie?? That's the exact same song that I'm talking about ^^

----------------------------------------------------Organizer with team Pioneer

The event is about energy efficient product, contestants will be required to create a energy efficient prototype using Schneider Electric products, the winner will get RM 15 000 and represents Malaysia for the Asia Zone championship.

Once I reached the hall, the 1st team i saw was the team Synergy (eventual runner-up) so lucky I am as one of the member is DC's friend which I kind of make friend with few days ago, he explained how the event works and that really helped me a lot.


The teams are arranged in U-Shape formation around the hall with each of their prototype stationed at their own cubicle. Besides explaining how their product works,
they have to stand and pose for the photographers as well ^^

By the way, that's the eventual winner. Team Pioneer from MMU. Their intelligent cooling system bagged them the necessary "OHM!" to win the competition.
And they have 1 cute-looking female member too ^^

Anyway, the event went well and I got the information I needed, it was something truly new to me as i never imagine I will be covering such a formal event.
I'm more of a "informal person" you see ^^"

Just when I thought I will be sleeping for the next few hours after that,
I recalled I need to meet my supervisor that day =.="
Life just couldn't get any worst.



Sunday, 26 July 2009

Daily Blues 18, 21, 22 July 2009

Suddenly feels like doing something for the environment, like how i do something for the poverty by giving Berry's bread to the beggar in ss2, but this time, it will be the environment.

Went into Guardian Pharmacy and saw this environmental friendly bag, i got attracted by its simple design and straight bought it for RM 5.

With this ecobag (that's how i called it), i will be helping Mother Nature by using less plastic bags by loading goods straight into my ecobag. Now, this is definitely helping the environment. (Feels happy already ^^)

Unlike those people that 口口声声 said want to help the environment, saying people should have greener thoughts, they amplified how much the public not understanding the environment, but what do they actually do?


These people only know how to talk talk talk, crap crap crap.
So, for god sake, start doing something instead of saying it like how our politician do.

----------------Help tackle the global warming----------------

Shima's birthday is tomorrow, so I've prepared a birthday present for her, because she's just a wonderful friend. Sydney, Sue & Fiona are lucky to have such a good friend as her.

To show my gratitude towards her, I got her this 100 Yen shop container which I bought it that day and insert it with my signature butterfly origami ^^


---------------Share the love, share the presents---------------

22nd July 2009

Went out from the class for a short break and saw this wonderful little pinkish Loreal ads car, lolx!

So adorable, but damn, it is disgusting -.-"
So pinkish, I thought only The Pink Panther drives those.

During another class break, came down from the stairs and saw these 2 huge balloons, seems like there is some PR course assignment going on, it looks fun.

Wonder how it feels to be inside the god damn balloons. Hm...



Friday, 24 July 2009

Taiping Lake Garden - Place assignment

I never thought of ending up having an affair in Taiping. The calmness that she brings can really make me let my guard down and accept her, Taman Tasik Taiping, an affair that I will never forget.

The morning shine that appeared at seven a.m. in Taiping is the best I have ever seen, the sun shines gently towards me as I traveled to Taman Tasik Taiping, a landmark that usually referred as Taiping Lake Garden.

You can feel the liveliness even before you enter the lake garden, even from afar I saw the local community participating in activity such as Tai Chi practice while I am riding my bike passed the hundred years old trees.

These trees have been here since hundreds of years ago even before Taiping Lake Garden begins to operate in 1880.

Being one of many first in Malaysia, Taiping Lake Garden is the first artificial park in Malaysia as it was originally a tin mine in the 18th century.

Now, with Zoo Taiping and nearby golf course built to compliment it, Taiping Lake Garden has become one of the most sorted holiday destination for the urban that wants to rejuvenate their souls.

I still remember the first time I am here, seeing people from different skin colors and attires spent their time jogging and relaxing, and not to mention feeding the fishes while admiring the nature.

Five minutes later, my friend Cheong has arrived and we walk towards the lake garden.

Even now as I stepped onto the green turf and into the gazebo – a hut for shelter, I still see the same scenery as it was 10 years ago, with the only difference is the drastic increase in numbers of visitors here.

“Yes, the surroundings still the same even after so many years, guess something just do not change.” said Cheong, a close friend of mine.

As we began to jog around the crown jewel of Taiping – the lake garden, the fresh air landed on my face had freshen me up with the energy I need to face whatever it is until the end of the day.

“Oh, I have been missing this feeling ever since I started studying in Kuala Lumpur, the air here is so clean compare to Setapak, just by running here makes me feel revitalized.” said Cheong.

While we continue jogged through the park, morning breeze and the scent let loose by the plants captivated us further by making us feel as part of the nature, not to mention the picture-perfect scenery that made up from 64 hectares of exuberant flora and fauna.

“The Taiping Lake Garden has the nicest view and landscape among all the other lake garden in Malaysia, and the fact that I will look at the pictures whenever I miss Taiping Lake Garden shows exactly how beautiful it is.” said Cheong again.

As we jogged passed the gravity-defying drooping branches of the ancient Angsana trees, we spotted an aqua-biking service available in the middle of the park, and this serves as a place for tourists to further explore the natural beauty of the lake garden.

I noticed there is a minor difference in the exterior and interior of the place from how it was 10 years ago, now the house was covered by red and orange as well as some slight renovation at the entrance which made it looks more polish than ever.

With more types of swan model boats available now, surely children will have their hands on one of these boats with either their parents or friends.

Moving away from the aqua-biking house, we went to a deeper part of the lake garden where only few visitors dare to venture in due to its closer-to-nature background.

This part of the garden is isolated and it has become the habitat for some reptiles and birds that made this their home while some made it their hunting ground, and some as their grave.

It is not as horrifying as it sounds especially when most of the animals there will not attack humans, not even the 3 feet Komodo Dragon we encountered that day.

The real life Komodo Dragon moves freely around the park as it is its home, swimming across the lake and eventually crawl back up to the land after a satisfying meal at the lake.

Aside from the 3 feet Komodo Dragon, I remembered encountering a water-snake in the lake garden as I was jogging few months ago, it really makes any visitors feel close to the nature as they spend their time here.

Nature lovers will adore this haven not just because of the snakes and Komodo Dragon, but other unexpected “guess” as well such as north-south hemispheres migratory birds, squirrels, variety species of insects and fishes as well.

“I like to take pictures, especially with Taiping Lake Garden providing so many opportunities for visitors like me to get closer to nature, I will definitely invite my friends to the lake garden and have a memorable time here.” said Cheong.

Once equipped with binoculars or just a simple camera, even normal visitors will have bags of satisfaction just by sightseeing, as the amazing panorama that looks as if it was handcrafted by god gave chances for tourists to create stories for themselves.

Example here is the 100-years-old Angsana trees, the stunning sight of branches from the Angsana trees stretching out to the lake as if the trees want to quench their thirst made it even more mystifying.

“It is something truly magnificent and rare as the branches from the Angsana trees spread out and forms a web of branches, it is definitely a unique sight that you can only see it here in Taiping Lake Garden.” said Eddy, my best friend.

When luck is around, one can even see newlyweds taking their wedding pictures here in Taiping Lake Gardens, the Pagoda Bridge and the Japanese Garden located here added another dimension to this kind of blissful activity.

With the artificial park offering well-preserved garden and lake, photographers will have no problem finding the ideal wedding shot they want as well as giving the newlyweds something to remember by.

“If given a chance, I would love to have my wedding pictures taken here as Taiping is my root, and with good angles, I believe my pictures will turn out great.” said Irin, a hometown friend of mine.

Then, there is this monkey feeding activity offered for those that want to be close to the wild.

Like all the other animals I have mentioned, these monkeys are originally from the Taiping Zoo nearby, they have been released in order to let the visitors to have close contact with them.

These monkeys are no strangers to the tourists as they have been fed from the very first day they set foot out of the zoo, visitors are allow to feed the monkeys with food such as peanuts, fruits and etc.

I can still recall the time when I first fed the monkeys, I was so afraid that they might attack me when I saw the whole group running towards me as I revealed my packet of peanuts.

The worry was for nothing as the monkeys are actually quite tame, I have been approached gently by the monkeys one by one while I am feeding them.

“I like to see animals eating their food, so I am totally delighted when I got the chance to feed the animals few years back, I feel a sense of pleasure doing so.” said Ng.

After an hour of jogging, Cheong decided we should take a rest at the nearby open air gymnasium, this open space is made up from different facilities for the visitors to explore.

One of the facilities here is the roller skating rink, this rink provides a platform for skaters from different levels and ages to have their practice, occasionally, there might even have variety of performances too.

Next, the available space here makes way for the residents of the nearby area have a place to use for variety of trainings, activities such as sword practice and Tai Chi practice are common here.

We are lucky to witness Tai Chi sword practice that day, women in their 40s waving their swords from side to side resembling a garden of orchid dancing to the wind as it blows, it is absolutely an incredible sight to behold.

This kind of training is usually guided by voluntary trainers, friends or even total strangers who want to help others to familiar themselves with this martial art.

When we are resting, we managed to see some mistakes made by a Tai Chi sword learner, her movements were totally out of place but it was quickly corrected by her peers, which results in laughter and a joyful atmosphere.

“Some part of the lake garden offer ideal location to do group activities such as Tai Chi and sword practice, since the air here is fresh and unpolluted, it is definitely a wise choice for the women to do have training here.” said Ng.

Then there is the Reflexology track available at the open gymnasium area, this track was built in accordance with reflexology principle that promotes health by working on reflex areas on the feet when users step on the track.

People that use the Reflexology track will find themselves experiencing holistic therapy that causes pressure to be applied on their feet that indirectly improves health.

Even so, those that are not used to it will find it painful as stones that bulging out from the track might hurt the users, but it was told that regular used of Reflexology track will remove this pain.

Leaving the resting area and further into the lake garden, one can see a pool of lotus in a pond, these lotus are stationed closely to each other forming a sea of pink that mesmerized whoever that sees it.

As huge gust of wind blows, some lose lotus will move around as if it is alive, creating some sort of movements that can only be described as miracle.

Some lotus are stationed around the Zigzag Bridge located in the middle of the pond, the bridge is one of its kind and it was one of the most visited place for dating couples ranging from young to old.

Not just the Zigzag Bridge, just by visiting this place with your love ones is enough to nourish the love between lovers.

“One of the most unforgettable moments I have in the lake garden was during the time me and my boyfriend having a evening stroll under the shady trees, the yellow lights that covered the sky was so striking, it was very romantic.” said Irin.

After nearly three hours of jogging through the untouched beauty of the lake garden, Cheong and I decided to go home.

I feel Taiping Lake Garden is a perfect place to rejuvenate one’s spirit, with mother nature providing such a good location and reason for doing so, I could not stop but wonder how lucky me and the locals are for having such a fascinating place to be available so close to us.

With new hotels and projects been carried out, I can see Taiping Lake Garden continue to flourish as a definite tourist destination that promises so much more.
Finally, I took a seat in my Cheong’s car and admire the beautiful scenery the lake garden got to offer, and closed my eyes before I fall asleep under such a beautiful and enchanted garden.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Harry Potter And The Half-blood Prince movie outing

PG 13 content is at the end of the entry

Time: Noon
Date: 19th July 2009
Venue: One Utama GSC

New roommate Kiat invited me to watch Ice Age 3 with him, by then, my health was in perfect condition = healthy. But who knows, I caught a cold the day after that, and i was worried like hell when i'm suffering from runny nose and sore throat (H1N1 still spreading here you see...) =.="

And images just flash through as I was thinking the "What if?" thing, Damn.

What if I really diagnosed with Swine Flu?
Who should I call for help?

What if they quarantine me?
Who is going to do my homework?

What if I die?

Darn! All these thoughts nearly made me insane. After taken some Panadols, my condition gets better and Hell I'm relieve -.-"


Come back to the movie, we did talked about watching Ice Age, but when I got to know there will be girls, I came out with this equation...

Girls joining us + girls want to watch Harry Potter + I haven't watch Harry for years = We Watch Harry Potter!! (simple isn't it?)

So after some morning breakfast at Pelita, Kiat and me took a cab and went straight to One U.

We run around the mall (2 guys) and checking out some chicks (like I always do), we ended up in KFC to have lunch before we met the girls.
Okay, one is a TB & the other is quite fair, not bad I would say, too bad I'm in a bad condition (slight cold), but I still enjoyed the movie.


The funny part just begin, no doubt the movie sucks but okay considering I've not watched 2 previous episodes so i don't have much expectation from it.
The really JUICE here is actually the couple that sat beside me!

Okay, there is this lady in her 20s, quite fair and plump, with this Malay + Indian mix guy sat beside me, during the part of the movie where RON and Lavender Brown kissing and snogging, this couple beside me start TOUCHING and RUBBING!


The guy started out rubbing the lady's neck, slowly go down to the cleavage and ended up in her Himalayan Mountains (Boobs la!)

Okay, we understood that now is the period of the relationship where everything gets HOT and DIRTY, but can't you people just behave for let say............. 60 minutes?
Or at least until the movie is over?
And stop rubbing her already! I don't know should I concentrate on the movie, or you people =.="

FOR GOD SAKE! GO... (you get the drill...)

(Chill, chill...Namo namo namo)


Coincidentally bumped into a "largest" in Malaysia.

Hm... I didn't even know...




Saturday, 18 July 2009

Movie with friend: Public Enemies

When to a movie outing with TinKucing few days ago, we decided to meet at MVM and I was responsible to redeem the tickets we booked.

After reaching 1 hour earlier =.="
I did the expected by redeeming the tickets from the counter.
And man, thank god she booked the tickets earlier,
Damn! The queue stretched till center part of the floor between MC Donalds and the counter.

"Ho Ka Zai, ho ka zai" (thank god in Hokkien)

Knowing Johnny Depp & Christian Bale will be staring in Public Enemies, I have been drooling over a chance to watch it in cinema, and my wish came true when Tinkucing have the same idea of going for the movie. Wahaha!

But all my Black-Sea-Wide drools of saliva gone to waste as the movie turned out to be quite a failed investment.

BAD camera shooting,
NOT MUCH innovative ACTION other than shooting each other with Colt Thompson Hybrids
and Winchester Model 1907. Both are guns by the way.

Not as cool as the trailer portrayed. Kind of disappointed actually.

And I don't like the ending
[spoiler alert]


Dilinger Died

After the movie, I suggested to have a tea session at SAN TERRI COTTAGE. This place looks nice, the tea taste nice, but due to the weekend factor, the place isn't a nice place to relax (very noisy)

We've ordered 1001 Night, the name sounds bombastic har?
But it's actually black tea with green tea, and some strawberry and something...
Too complicated laa~

I'm not a Teaman anyway, I'm more of a coffeeman ^^

We talked for hours before going off for more shopping.
And gone home after that.
As I was rushing later at night meeting up with my parents that passed by OUG before they gone to Singapore.
A sample Tinkucing got from Shu uemura



Daily Blues~

Time: Around evening
Date: 5th July 09
Venue: My ss2 home

Just when I try to unload the trash, I saw this interesting notice downstairs.

LOL! Nice one whoever you are!
Seriously, there have been people throwing rubbish downstairs at the counter irresponsibly. Putting a notice like this sure comes in a shock for everyone i guess.

The notice reads "Don't put your garbage here, the garbage bin is located in front of the main gate."
The funny part is the sentence "The Horse Sense (common sense) separates the HUMAN from the ANIMALS."

LOL! Again, this notice just so uniquely done and the person that did the sin will surely got a kick in the arse. He or she been compared to an animal! How shit was that?
Serve him/her right, throwing rubbish anywhere is just an barbaric act.

To make it even more hilarious, the notice includes a map teaching tenants how to locate the garbage bin, this is surely an act of mockery, who doesn't know where's our garbage bin anyway?


Time: Around night
Date: 5th July 09
Venue: Murni

Have a food outing with V at Murni, he oddly ordered something other than Nasi Goreng Maryland, which is Nasi Lemak,
and I've ordered really "healthy" food, Roti Salad.

Yes, a fist full of vegetables wrapped in bread (roti canai bread)

Damn! Never try this before, and it taste really really "healthy" =.="

Then I've ordered Burger Deluxe... And I regretted after that...
I can't finished the fries...



Euphoria Night out...

Okay, it has been some time since I last updated, well, laziness really knows no boundary (Excuse bah~)

Time: 10.40 pm
Venue: Euphoria: Ministry of Sound
Date: 10th July 09

After so many times Shann has remind me of how much he wants to go clubbing, finally the day is today, or more precisely tonight.

At first we thought of going to Poppy because there's seem to be some influence from his friend, but we ended up in Euphoria (DARN!)

Don't get me wrong, Euphoria is nice, but not as nice as Poppy IMO. The sound, the girls (I'm honest), the atmosphere and the interior, it is just perfect.

Shann brought me to a UM hostel to fetch his friends, and I meet new friends (Lily and Ben) Apparently, they are not newbies (thank god), because as we all know, some newbies don't want to try new things like ordering Black Label or Chivas etc.

So I'm gladly chat with them until we reached UM and meet up with another bunch 9 4 guys), and crap, they are newbies...
I don't blame them though, there is first time for everything.

Arrival to Euphoria comes with a bang, no, not that we involved in an accident, is just that since it's a friday night, the place were crowded with people (more like zombies), Sunway is full of night crawlers (referring to clubbers), but Euphoria just not that 'welcome'

Sunway 1 : 0 Euphoria

First time coming to Euphoria I have not much expectation actually, because i heard a lot of rumors that the place sucks. Boy, how right they are.

May be is not kind of tune, but the main dance floor is just not my cup of tea, because the main dance floor are govern with Trance songs, which i think is more suitable for outdoor Rave Party than indoors, and the clubbers are so few until the dance floor (center) looks as if It has been infected with plague where people fear of dying when come near it.

Just when I'm thinking "oH gosh, there goes my night", Shann brought us up to another floor where the songs are more suitable for me. This floor play current hit tracks (finally)
But still most of it are outdated =.="

A sense of awkwardness in the main dance floor that played Trance, $59.00
A sense of Sardine-feel in the sub dance floor. $29.00
Not opening any liquor for the night PRICELESS!!!

Below average.
I will not come again, unless there's a birthday celebration or anything.



Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Kissaten @ Jaya One

Palm Square
Jaya One
72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 - 7954 1990
Opening hours: 8am - 10pm daily

Darn! I've been busy with assignments and BOF (Boys Over Flower) until i have no time to write my entry, so this is the supposedly-written-on-July 4th-entry.

This is a place called Kissaten...


Saturday morning, a wonderful day, normally students will have no class on this blissful day of the week, where we should be just like the Sleeping Beauty, sleep (rest) until the prince (morning sun) kisses us.
But no, this is reality, this ain't fairytale, we still have class on Saturday... yay =.="

After all the canceled outings and movies, finally there's 1 outing that really work. Meeting up with Tinkucing for lunch and the "special guess"-Sylvene tag along as well ^^

First we went to a Japanese restaurant near Tappers but eventually we've been attracted by the wrong thing and ended up in Kissaten.

It sucks...

The interior in Kissaten is just plain white, from the wall till the ceiling, thank god there are some paintings and deco on the wall, if not, i believe i will just BOMB this place gao gao!

Okay, then there is the menu, the wonderful menu, I'm serious, the menu looks nice, but that's all about it.
It provides varieties of food ranging from Pizza, Spaghetti, Ramen etc. Basically combination of Japanese and Italian food.
The pictures of the food looks nice, but darn, the food aren't.


General rating
7 stars = Quite disappointed seriously, the Curry Katsu Tinkuching ordered taste nothing like katsu, it looks more like Siew Yok (Chinese roast pork). The meat texture and taste just not on par with some other Katsu dishes Tinkuching has tasted.
The 2 spaghetti dish that me and Sylvene have ordered taste average, in Gordon Ramsey language would be "It Taste Bland! Try harder!"

Naf said... I don't even want to analyze it according to the 4 categories I usually do. This shows you how piss off I am with the restaurant.

But the Ice Mocha I ordered comes with a delicate tiny cup which Tinkuching went crazy over it, guess this is the pearl on a pile of dirt, not so bad after all.



~All of the statements above are my personal opinion & it may not be 100% true as it is just a review that one can use as reference~

Ohya, we didn't try the dessert, may be the desserts taste great, but who knows?