Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Porto Romano day for Christmas

Well, I've came to know about this place 2 years back via some recommendation from some bloggers.
And it turns out quite good... at least that's before I've tasted the food.

I don't know about the outlet in City Square, but the one in TTDI is surely give me a bad impression on the food.

On one hand, the atmosphere is bloody nice. No doubt about it, but they just love to use immigrants ei? Though they have good command of English compare to those Old Town and others, they just doesn't bring in the "feel" that a Mediterranean restaurant should have... EUROPEANS!

Okay okay, may be I'm a little bit harsh, but that's what I would expect considering their good reviews by other bloggers.

So, here goes nothing.


Me and my love went to Porto Romano in TTDI during Christmas last year, and it was a tough ride as both of us have no idea where is the place and we ended up driving ROUND and ROUND for a few hours (divided by 60 minutes minus 39 minutes +2 minutes times 0.2 minutes)
All right, I'm joking.
But we did lost our way until we have a moment of EUREKA!

And there we are.

Nice service I would say, the waiters greet us well, seated us nicely and make us feel like home with the tiniest   "kekokness" (Damn, my ABL rocks!)

As you can see, the place has a good ambiance with perfect lighting condition, not too bright nor dark, the place gives you the comfort though the place is quite small. The place divided into both outdoor and indoor.
Sadly, we only have pictures for indoor only :\

On normal days, I bet the place would be much quiet, but maybe since that day is a Christmas so the crowd got into my nerves sometimes. They talk LOUDLY + children SCREAM = Total "calm"

Me and my girl seated for quite sometime before we get our food. We actually chose the turkey as main course (It is special for that festive season only not available on other days)


It taste horrible -.-
I'll try to simplify the description of the food.

The pizza was gooood. You can actually taste every ingredient in the pizza. The layers of taste give your palate a distinguishable feel of all the ingredients.

The infamous tiramisu that everyone claim to be the must-try dish. It was just not my cup of tea though. Same for my girl, she just doesn't like it too.

So there you have it. For my next entry... You just have to wait and find out. :)



ABL (Academy of Broken Language)