Saturday, 22 August 2009

Wonderful day with KL

So after weeks of anticipation for her to come back, finally she did.
Me & KL met at Island Cafe as usual and we talked our heart out ^^

This semester is a bit hard for her with the problems she's facing, pity her actually, facing those problems that can only happen in dramas/movies -.-
Kesian... guuuuaaaiii... *pad*

Too bad this time around WM is not here, not much can do as this is a sudden arrangement=.=" Hope she won't mind.
Basically it is a good day as we bomb bomb bomb some people and gossiping about others XD Our conversation never stop circling around the things we went through for the past few months.
It is a site of relieve actually, telling each other about our lives at different part of the peninsula.

Aside from talking and reviving the past memories, I got something that I've been craving for the past few months from her =.="
My birthday present...

really BELATED birthday presents T.T

Thank god I like the T-Tree Oil, kalau tidak, kenalah dia! *.*
now left 1 more present, WM get ready o! Haha!

While she's away, I got the opportunity to take a picture of a newly open cafe called V-Station Cafe, a video gaming concept cafe that serves
F&B as well as Nintendo Wii & PS3 to the customers.
Really bold concept I would say, will visit this place soon for sure.

Well, that's all, looking forward to our next meet up.
Will we be cam-whoring like how we did this time?
We will see ^^

Wondering what kind of reaction we would have 10 years from now looking back at those pictures that we took. Surely to be something quite intriguing XD



Thursday, 20 August 2009

7, 8, 9 & 10th of August 2009

Nothing much happen that few days except from buying myself a new packet of candy from 100 Yen Shop. (7th Aug)

and have to wait for the ATM machine in UTAR to be fixed. (8th Aug)

I actually have a good chat with the security guard, he talked about his work and how much he earns, even though I'm in a hurry, i don't even dare to say no to his intention of talking to me.


Because he has a bloody gun =.="
Looking at the gun and looking at him really brought tension to me straight.


But all of those have to make way for the following issue
My gifts from my sis have finally arrived~!!!

No words can describe how happy I am after receiving these. Sister has been promised me since we last chat in Skype. Seeing those images of the laptop bag and NAVY pouch doesn't beat the feeling of touching it.

Those small images that nearly burst out from the web cam doesn't satisfy my needs, but these does!

Firstly, I'll introduce my first love now...
The NAVY pouch from the Republic of Singapore (That's what it stitched)

WuuUUuuu~ I'm just soooooOooo into this pouch, it is well made and the material used inside is thick and definitely can withstand a 200 meter fall XD

I feel so secure putting my handphone and camera inside^^

Nowadays, I've been bringing this pouch with me whenever I'm going out around ss2, 1st is to familiarize myself with it until the occasion arise when I need to bring it out to meet my pals, 2ndly, it is for my new style, still experimenting it though. Hopefully it works out.

Next, I will be introducing the so-call laptop bag that doesn't look exactly like one =.="

But nonetheless, I'm still owning with this bag ^^

This Jack Daniels laptop bag does look small for its function, 1st time seeing it and I go "Damn, kena tipu ni! From the web cam it looks like it is possible to stuff into the bag."

But it doesn't looked like it when it arrived in my arms.

And boy I was wrong.

It still fits despite its small size. The fact that it feels so good (texture) made me love it even more ^^

Thanks sis, you are my angel.

And congrats for giving birth to your new son ^^


Date: 10th Aug 2009
Time: somewhere around 1pm
Venue: Tasty Treats

Went to TT with Kung & Vinu since we would be doing assignment later, I can't believe I will come back to TT since the 1st day they opened.

But it improved a lot I would say, the menu itself has provided more choices for customers to choose from.

Chicken Chop Rice with some sauce, very nice, even Vinu said he will try 1 day ^^

---------------------------tired de-----------------------------



UTAR PD block

The previous post I've showed the upper part of UTAR (the rooftop i mean), now, a bit of ground floor landscape/view.

Gone to the university everyday in the means of studying and satisfying the attendance quota made me not realizing the beauty of UTAR PD block. Actually, if we slow down our steps and look around and you will see, the 'sexiness' of it.

The trees, the plants, surely they are not there just for the sake of being there, the reason for them to be there is for deco, but how many of us actually take a glance at these beautiful, strong art that stood there all these while?

That day as I was sitting on the chair in front of all these views, my mind just urged me to take some pictures, because when we leave UTAR one day, these memories will gone with the wind... gone with the convocation... gone with the light...

May be I'm a bit sentimental here, but this is what happen when you are listening to Hans Zimmer "When I kissed him" while writing an entry. hehe ^^"

Okay, so this is not in UTAR, it was taken at Jaya One

-------------------Random stuff below-------------------

Bought this Real Power energy drink from Safemart, as an All-time fan of Real Madrid FC I just felt so tempted to buy this XD
and so I did...

And bought this as well, this is my all-time favourite 100 Yen shop's candies. Seriously It taste good



Thursday, 13 August 2009

Early August blues~ UTAR PD BLOCK

TIME: 12.45 pm
DATE: 3rd of August, 2009

It is a day of presentations for our class, early morning and we have been bombarded with tonnes of presentations =.=" Add to the fact that I've been lack of sleep since the start of new semester, I have no choice but to go and loiter around like a no-life zombie (excuse?)

As I walked passed the stairs, my instinct told me to go up, no idea why but I've been 'guided' to do so.
Without a sense of desire to continue listening to the class presentations, I made my decision to continue going up the stairs until I've reached a place where few UTARIANS thought it exist.


People actually thought it was 'not-there' but actually, it was just few stairs up from 3rd floor. Luckily, the door ain't shut/locked when I was there. Hehehe! What else? Go in laaa~

It was really a different feeling standing on top of a building, especially when
I'm just few steps away to hell/heaven (no bars surrounding the top) The view here is magnificent, I never thought of looking out from UTAR like this, it is like those movies/dramas where the leading protagonist do some romantic, or horrifying stuff here such as...

Throwing people off from the building = Horror movie
Gazing at the star with their love one = Romantic movie

But nah~ We can't sneak in here at night (There goes the gazing-star move), so I just took my time resting here while let my problems gone with the wind as it blows.


VENUE: At home
TIME: 17.13 pm
DATE: 6th of August, 2009

It is a free-for-all day for me, no class, no date =.= (sounds sad)
It is a day for me to do some study (eventually I didn't)

Somehow all these elements reminded me to do some stationary shopping as well as presents wrapping. Belated Birthday it may be, hey, at least I took the initiative ^^

Bought some of the stuff from 100 Yen shop, darn, this place has been my frequent "money-spending-area" =.="

Anyhow, I'm quite satisfied with the way the presents were wrapped, except for KC's =.="

Somehow I just couldn't wrap it nicely... blaaaaAAAaa!

Cannot tahan liao... I'll just give him in this condition bah. XD wahahaha!



Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Short video production pictures.

This entry will be short as it only serves as a purpose of showing the pictures that were left out in the previous entry ^^"

Tadaaa~ That's all =.="



Wednesday, 5 August 2009

My first short video shooting as a cast


Never thought I will be a cast for a video shooting ^^ But with friends from Broadcasting course around me, chances are I will get it eventually, & I'm glad I did.

Venue: Somewhere in CHERAS
Time: 6.30 pm
Date: 22nd July 2009

Paul in need of help + Jorene called for me + I'm interested to appear in the video XD
= An experience that I will never forget

Knowing that I will be having an event (LINK) to cover the next day, I have a deep thought before I made my decision to join the shooting,
with a heart as "lembik" as Taufu, I'm helpless against Jorene's begging =.="
I agree to her that day that I'll be joining.

------------------Video shooting = fun-------------------

The day started with Jorene fetched me from PD block, Kent joined as well as he's too like me promised to help out team T-Rex (production team's name which actually mean Tiny Rex, in Paul's word, TINY BUT DEADLY)

We reached PC block around 5pm before all 6 cars from this production team head to Cheras for our 1st scene. It was a hell of a ride.

Firstly, 1 of the car drove sooo slow until we lost them after 10 minutes of driving, and we ended up waiting for them near the Cheras toll (50 cent toll).

Secondly, we don't actually know where's the venue as only Paul went there before (some of them forgot) So we went round and round, bumping here and there XD before we reached there.

The place where we had our shooting is actually a typical corporate office, those OL-filled office that you can see on TV or dramas, that's the same thing.

--------------------Go straight to action!----------------------

But before I go into action, makeup is the first thing I need to do due to my IMPERFECTION =.=" No choice.

But i got to say, KaiKai did a great job turning me from


Meet some new friends there ^^ They are a bunch of nice people seriously, Beh, Tracy, Avril, SC, SQ, ZF etc and some old friends Jen, Jess, Kent & Paul, what a productive day I would say (in terms of meeting new people)

What a chance, I got to grab a hold of the real thing, OhyeaAaahhh~~~

----------------It was fun holding the handy cam-----------------

NG scene was all over the place XD due to multiple reasons:

Reason 1, Paul is just soooo funny! Damn, with an amusing Director like Paul, how would I'm not laughing through the scene?

Reason 2, since this is my 1st time doing it, the "rawness" ca
uses me saying some weird lines such as

uttering DELOPVEMENT instead of DEVELOPMENT,

Saying CHINA instead of BEIJING -.-"

Occasionally biting my tongue T.T "Sakit~"

It was just a wild experience, I feel guilty and excited at the same time, with the shooting go straight till 4 a.m., you can imagine how tired we are,

Some gone to take a short nap,

some closed their eyes,

and Lance snored XD

Damn it was so hilarious hearing him snores while he is holding a boom mic on the floor,
We tried very hard not to laugh while shooting,
XD Jorene was closing her mouth with her hands controling the urge to laugh until her face "evolved" & turn into a ripe tomato XD

Oh, what a day...
That snoring thingy basically is the last thing i remember that happened that day, Jorene fetched me and 2 other casts back home and it was 5 am, gosh, I still have an event to cover at 8am!!!



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