Sunday, 30 March 2008

Thanks Anonymous

These few days I didn't write any entry cause I've been busy going back to Taiping to pay tribute to my ancestors(Please give me mone... I mean bless me^^) I'll do it every year because I think this is a tradition that we as a chinese should be uphold.

Enough of that... I'll write about that entry in another few days. Now, lets talk about the things I'm going to talk about today.

Today Vivienne & Jun sms me saying that someone is leaving a good msg in my chatbox...
They say that this "anonymous" friend was helping me by giving out some really nice and constructive criticism against these "flammers" that keep on harassing me.

I would like to thank him/her for his/her effort as this is the 1st time I got a support from an anonymous people.

Before I further elaborate on it, lets see what those Harasser said in my chatbox(note these msg is available now in my chatbox there... but will gone after reaching 20 msgs)

27 Mar 08, 19:39
sam the sohai s/o king: hahaa. agree agree.. 10000% agree. birds of a feather flock together. ppl like king and i are such idiots. we are a disgrace to the illiterate world. should maybe **** ourselves. XD

27 Mar 08, 19:44
mukhriz mahathir: eh hello. bapa cina lu bodoh. saya graduan UM tau? HIDUP MELAYU!

king: i id the smarteddd guy id d universiti. i tau kreate chatter box.
(this "king" is not me-.-")

These later part is still in my log but is not visible to visitor anymore...

king d sohai s/o samy v.
innade.. lu ingat lu munya blog manyak cantek ar? saye munya blog pun lage cantek lar. bodoh munya manusia. bapa lu cina ka?

Actually there are more rude msg that they/he/she wrote to me, but I've deleted it due to the rudeness of it. As you can see, these/he/she really sound like someone that needs life(pardon me) Because they just keep on harassing me and my friend Jun..

If he/she only talk about me then is ok, What I can't stand is that he/she insulted my friend. I've happened to stop giving out my new blog address once for 2 Weeks but once i reveal again... They come back again... By now I ok with it(some) but still, nothing is ok when people insulting you right? That is until "The Anonymous" arrive.

Before I came back from Taiping, Jun & Vivienne sms me saying there was this anonymous guy leave some really "concrete" msg on the chatbox. So the 1st thing i don when i came back is to switch ony my pc... And these are the msg that appeared in my chatbox...

creatinf racism here is illegal and would be sent to jail, honey. so shut up and use your brain to improve yourself.

>>>>refering to that 'mukriz mahathir' down there.

these/this ppl clearly have no rational mind,thinking of looking for satisfaction from criticising unconstructively,they are lonely,wanting ppl's attention.

now,do YOU really feel satisfied from doing these kind of things?you happy?you feel empty inside. and you LOVE being PAID BACK with spams too?its lovely isnt it?

ask inside you heart whether this benefits you. if you really think you're SOOOO good and can criticise ppl like this, you shouldnt be here anyway.(well if your brain works and know what i mean)

oh yeah,as SAM said,check with a dictionary pls,before you make fun of yourself here. dont make that an excuse of not EDUCATED enough.


The "anonymous" was showing me that there's still nice people in this world & I think all of us should be appreciating. He/she gives out msges that really should be respected as those msges really inspire people. Here, I want to give a stand up ovation(did i spelt it right?) to him/her*hands clapping while standing*

So, I hope that whoever wants to give out "constructive" criticism, please do it with care. Thanks...

By the way, I got my 1st critic on my 1st day writing my blog. Talk about speedy "fame" har? -.-"

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Today, is another day of food "reviewing"(Darn! I should stop spending like this or else I'll be broke in 2 years-.-")

Actually i was planning to go back home today when the damn metro turn the other way around to a different road without passing there.
Then there were Jams(No! Not strawberry jam-.-) TRAFFIC JAMS! It was a huge jam that stretch from the "sophisticated" roundabout until Jaya One. Really scary ~.~
So i decided to go home later and start to think for things to do, and i came up with this idea...


Since Jaya One got a lot of food outlets & restaurants , No point a food lover like me didn't go & try it right? So, Tappers! Here I come!

Tappers is situated in Jaya One(5-G, Block D, Jaya One, No. 72A, Jalan. Universiti, 46200 P.J. Selangor is the address due to Bern request) and is one of the newly open cafe in town. I heard from Mr D & Lady J about it couple of days ago that the place is nice.. and it is! It provides food like chops, noodles, rice and A LOT of DRINKS to choose! From Cold drinks, Chinese drinks, Malaysian drinks, those western drinks, some "don't know what country" drinks also available. It stretches beyond 20 type above! *Sweating*

So lets get it started~

Lets talk about the interior, the interior is one of the best I've seen so far because it's not just feels good, it actually smells good too!

The atmosphere inside here really soothing and chilling(is a compliment right?) REALLY SOOTHING!

Why i have such a comment? This is because they play some really nice and relaxing melody in the background. From Aladdin theme to Pink Panther... Really brings out the memories & is not just calm but is soothing. Give you a sense of relieve that will "suck" out your tension in everyday life.

Just by sitting there alone makes me want to sleep there all night. Seriously! Bring me a blanket, my pillow and my fav bolster will be enough for me^^

ATMOSPHERE : 9.0 marks(The background songs, the light, the color all blend well)
FOOD : 8.5 marks(Drink is good, the food is nice too)
SERVICE : 8.5 marks(Nice people that smiles & SPEAK ENGLISH!)
PRICE : 8.0 marks(okoklo! Still can survive^^)


In conclusion~
The Tappers Cafe is really a nice place to hang out with your friends or lover. The atmosphere is damn good and nice and soothing that i can't stop staying there after I've finish lunch! Seriously is one of the best place I've gone to.

Lady J quoted "Secret Recipe background song is more soft and light that you can hear it, but you'll forget it as time past.
On the other hand, The Tappers is more variety and is sooth & chicky at the same time, but you will still notice the background song as time pass"

Depends on how you interpret it, the atmosphere is still an overwhelming experience for me... Definitely I'll go back one day.

So that conclude today's entry, hope it will give some guide for everyone that read this on where to have your meal.

Have a nice day^^

ps: Choose the inner part of the restaurant!

~All of the statement above is my personal opinion & it may not be 100% true in terms on personal feelings and the statement, it is just a guide/review that one can use as references~

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

~Human achievement~

That day, i went to the Pelita restaurant(again) to watch F1 live in astro. It is the Sepang race that shown there & as a BMW Sauber supporter(Malaysia Boleh^^), I have to be there to show some support & my support ain't a waste as BMW Sauber drive Robert Kubica finish SECOND behind Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen. It is surely a good achievement by BMW team as this is the best start in their F1 race history.

Enough of that, today topic has nothing to do with that "achievement", but instead it has something to do with how far we come as a human being.

During my "live watch" in Pelita that day, I saw this ads in the tele(tv) that shows 2 humanoid robots Asimo serving refreshment in a fast food outlet. Darn! This is sooooooooo coooooool!

Sorry, I cant find any link so i record it, sound quality is not good o!

Looking through the ads, I have to say what a relieve and achievement that we had. From our humble origin of homoerectus to homosapians, and now we are the ever sophisticated IT minded human beings. It is truly a great leap we had since the time started to live in caves.

Flashing back in the history & how we develop into this technologically wise people really gave me a sense of gratefulness. This might not feel by other people because for them, what they experience today is just like another innovation human had created . But for me, this is sooooo much more!

Imagine we live in a society past couple of century ago, by then if someone say "one day human can fly..." You know what other people will say to him?

They will say nothing but they will straight away "bag" him and throw it back to the ocean to feed the hungry Jaws or tied him up and prepare a feast, NO! Not a feast for him but a feast with him in the menu as the "human BBQ with oNion sauce".

Even so, what are we having now? Planes that fly above our heads, some we seen, some we don't. We even have space shuttle that fly to the orbit in search for other distorted looking aliens^^ ThIs just prove that what impossible back then will be possible tomorrow.

Maybe 10 years from now we'll have our own Asimo walking around carrying our groceries bags, reaching us with toilet papers when we don't have it (no wiping pls-.-"), or even became our watchdogs swearing to whoever that try to broke into our homes(ya, swearing...)

Knowing all that possibilities, I feel more eager to live longer to see what the future install for us. It will be such a waste missing the opportunity to see the future innovation like that that we can only see in movies. I feel so sad for those people that think of suicide when one will miss these future innovative technologies. No matter how you think of it, it still a waste for not waiting for that. So my advice for those that plan to suicide...


WoW! I've no idea I've written so many words today... But may be is because is okay to write about my thoughts once in a while. Hope that it won't bored anyone...^^

So i shall end this "thought" with another wonder achievement of man to all of you.
Have a nice day~

Future boybands^^

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Nourriture! Alimento! Food! Makanan! 食物! Part 3

今天(walao! I used Chinese words, I must have been possesed then-.-), I will not be doing any review on food that's in the restaurant. But instead, it is a review on much peasant type of food, nation friendly i would say... It is the normal snack here in msia but it is something UNIQUE for other countries. Sound familiar? It is none other then fry snack.

Here, I'm not talking about those fry chicken or fry nuggets or french fries, but I'm talking about fry banana, fry cempedak, fry curry puff, fry fish meat, fry fish balls! Fryfryfry!

With all the word "fry", you all might feel disgust because it sound really oily, well... It is... So consume with CARE! Because I don't want to be responsible with the outgrowth of Malaysian citizens obese rate^^

A lil intro~
This "shop"(actually is a small truck-.-) that sells fry snack is situated beside Nasi Kandar Pelita in ss2. Some how i can only find one of these kind of shop in ss2. So with the hunger for fry snack, i have to try it no matter what. So let's get it on!

HAHA! Back to the food...OPS! I mean topic...
Due to Jun complains on the picture of the food looks like S*** because is dark and lifeless, now I have to "upgrade" the way i take the pic, so I hope this will look better.
Acknowledgement for Jun's advice*hands clap*

These 2 "things" over here is call the fry "cempedak"(what's the translation?) Is a fruit that is suppose to be yellow in color. Is sweet and if the seed inside is well cook, you can actually EAT THE SEED AS WELL, fluffy and sweet is the words i can find to describe it. Really nice to eat! MUST TRY!

Darn! Now i remember, previously i bought the cempedak for Rm1 4 piece, now the auntie say is BIGGER so is Rm1 for TWO! Walao! Macam tu pun boleh?

Is like increasing the size of a tennis ball and sell it much higher price.

Surely is not appropriate right?!!!?

And plus the bigger one is not better because the seed inside is not well cook, so don't try those bigger one's, try the smaller one's.

In conclusion~
Those "MUST TRY" picks is definitely a must try but it still come to personal taste. If anyone have other places that sell nice fry snack feel free to tell me, i will try my best to review it and share it to the world(sound too kuajiong^^)

Adios amigos, Have a nice day^^

~All of the statement above is my personal opinion & it may not be 100% true in terms on personal feelings and the statement, it is just a guide/review that one can use as references~

Thursday, 20 March 2008

16, 17, 18 March...

Tis few days nt much really happening, may be is becos im busy doin the "Never Ending Assignments" that keep on falling frm the AZURE(skycolor-which mean sky). Even so, i still have the chance to take some pics.

That day after makan(eat) we went back to our house & we pass through the "Weekly Pasar Malam Session" held every week, usually i wnt buy a thing frm pasar malam.
But, when i saw this stall that sells "popia"... i jz cant resists it(FOOD~)
So i went over and bought the "popia"(nt sure wat's the translation though, "thin biscuits" maybe?)

18 march
After having our lunch in PA block, suddenly feel the urge to take a pic of myself with added "incentive". Here goes...

That's all sums it up, & u can c i use a lot of short term fr words when i usu use standard english. BEcos today very b z mah! anyway, bye nw...

Have a B.U.T.FULL day!^^

Here's a video to cheer all of u up!

Monday, 17 March 2008

My 2nd poem^^ My best so far...

Today had nothing much to write, so I'm thinking of posting my 2nd poem that I had created couples of weeks ago.

This poem entitle "A Significant Companion " is basically about a friend of mine that defered when i think we actually getting on well. Well... Not as in "soon to be lover type", is just when you think you found the "special one" and you really want to get hold of it those kind of friend. Is really a wonderful experience to actually get to know her better but eventually fate strikes in and *KABOOM* earth cracks and we are divided-.-"

That few days i felt so sad(not just because she's leaving but also because we have

been practicing the Oral & Comm Drama thingy together and we actually had the

BEST script among all of our course mate *nose getting longer* And even Mr V say we

have the BEST drama) and somehow think of writing a poem to release my tension. The

process of writing and thinking is actually done in the shower^^

Those great poets uses alcohol to inspire them, i only need to take a bath and get

trigger(inspirelah!) Wuahaha!

About the poem~
Well, compare to the previous poem I've wrote, I've incorporate more imagery into this poem. So, I'm still learning to create much "pro" type of poem and hopefully I'm on the right track ^^

A Significant Acquaintance

Knifing through the vision wall,
Only see thy opal eyes.
Ocean of words rise and fall,
Never fail to break the ice.

Lonely Almighty send thy pigeon,
Evening tears halt for an instant.

(Ops! I won't be postin anymore of my poem here, so any1 intrested jz msg me and i'll let u c the full version of it...)

Now there it is, hope that you all like it. I will write a new poem only when I've new inspiration. So, hope that it will be soon ^^

Have a wonderful day!

ps: acknowledgement to Dr. Roy for giving me advice on the poem ^^ gracias

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Murni @ ss2 [Nourriture! Alimento! Food! Makanan! 食物! Part 2]

Round 2

After finish what we had today in Secret Recipe I'm thinking of having something more economical as dinner but mana tahu... Game Freak J wants to have dinner in "MURNI" and some how MR V say yes to the idea. So...


A little bit intro on MURNI.
MURNI is situated in the Heart of ss2 and it is a popular choice among the student/undergraduates that stays there. They do their business like Steven's Corner but MURNI had an edge by providing more VARIETY of food for us(MURNI forever!^^)

Here I'm going to state out the 2 uniqueness of MURNI.

1) The later it is, the scarier it is.
Seriously! This place will get more crowded as times goes... The customer will keep pouring in even when the sky is "peeing" So don't ever think you will have a place to sit when it's raining. It won't, mark my word.


The size is sooooo huge that the food you order there must be shared(It's recommended)
Me and Game Freak J bet that we can finish the damn thing without any problem,
but in the end,

Game Freak The "Cow Stomach" J throw his white towel and surrender while
me- King The "Conqueror" rise to the occasion and finish it... Is a close call... Later part ya'll will know what i mean.

So, lets start rolling baby...

For god sake, the portion of the food is HUGE & is not for the small stomach.

It is so amazingly big that it can sustain a small nation for 3 weeks!

We actually took 2 hour sitting there try to finish our food. You should see the

looks on their face ^^ Damn stupid. The balls i eat is really nice at the 1st few

bites. But as more bites coming in, you'll find the food is not nice anymore because

the portion of the food will eventually destroy your appetite.

Oh yeah! The food review is as follows...

Atmosphere : 8 marks(We eat at someone else stall front -.-")
Food : 8.5 marks(The balls are nice, sound so wrong wei)
Service : 5 marks(seriously slow and rude.)
Price : 8.5 marks(The price is high but the portion is huge too)

Overall : 75 PERCENT!

I still can't get away with the size of the balls, it is so huge that i created a new

name for that particular food.

From "Meat Ball Spaghetti" to "Base Ball Spaghetti"

The balls is so huge that you can hit a home run with it-.-

To prove that i did finish it. Here's some sample picture...

So, that basically sums it up... That whole day I've spend nearly of my 3days spending... It is truly an amazing(nearly faint) experience. RM 12 for the Spagetthi btw...

So again... Have a nice day!

(GFJ=Games Freak J; MI4=Mission Imposible 4)

~All of the statement above is my personal opinion & it may not be 100% true in terms on personal feelings and the statement, it is just a guide/review that one can use as references~

Friday, 14 March 2008

Secret Recipe @ ss2 [Nourriture! Alimento! Food! Makanan! 食物! Part 1]

Food... What a beautiful word... What a scary experience... With food...

Now, I'm supposed to be talking about how miserable my life went this few days, but in the end i will talk about food-.-" Why you might ask? Well, because I've gone to some of the "cheapest" restaurant in town... Darn... RM 50 gone in a day on food...

Damn, I can "jump sea" liao...

For a normal student that borrows money from PTPTN like me must be very careful in spending(at least that's what i promise to myself)

But somehow, someway, I spent it (T.T)
I can resist watching movies(provide no girls ask me out),
or no sight seeing(provide no girls ask me out),
or even resist surfing the net(provide... You know the drill...)
BUT I can't resist myself from trying NEW FOOD!

Ya... Food~ My favourite word in the dictionary(other than "money") Keeps me going no matter how depressed i am(macam sekarang) Food will surely makes me happy...

1st, before attending Ms Surita lecture, we(Mr D, Lady J & Ms A) went to the Jaya One to hunt for "Secret Recipe". Before going there, I've heard a lot of rumour about it, Mr V once told me that place is a really nice place to date, the food is really nice, and above all, it is PRICY!

Well, For me is still ok since the place looks daaaaaamn nice, is worth paying after all. So here goes nothing.

Let's talk about the interior, is really nice to sit in a place like that, the comfy chair, the soothing light, those elegant looking "things" really brings out the "feel" in you. Eating in a place like this sure to be a wonderful experience.

This plate of "Seafood Spring roll" sounds damn nice at 1st... mana tahu that's the proportion, i can understand some food is supposed to be small in proportion, but at least they decorate the food in the middle of the plate right? This "view" makes me wonder if the waiter had "smuggle" it -.-" Now call the custom to detain him^^

The food is perfectly decor to perfectION, colourful vege that fills up the visION, the wonderful sauce that brings life to the chickEN, and not forget the fresh fries that produce the pattern with pure attractION(It rhymes^^)

Seriously, the food is really amazingly nice... The vege is definitely a growth from the hills as it taste that damn fresh and sweet. The chicken was roasted to pure beauty and the sauce, the SAUCE(no comment-.-") Overall is just too good to be miss.

However, there is a little problem during the "Food Eating Ceremony". When i cut my chicken, i accidentally "sepak" out 2 fries from their "seat" the floor. I quickly pick it up of course but it was so embarrassing until Mr D scream out laughing(paisehleh~)

Food Review...

Atmosphere: 9.5 marks(Really a lovely experience^^)
Food : 9 marks(Really fresh!^^)
Service : 9 marks(They smile to us^^ That's what i like)
Price : 9 marks(Their Seafood Spring Roll could have been better)

Overall : 91.25 PERCENT!

RM 24 is the price for that ideal dine. Even so, the price is still too high for me now looking at my current situation...

May be i will stick to my only restaurant i want to go, which is "Quan Yi Ramen". Next time I'll do that coverage...

~All of the statement above is my personal opinion & it may not be 100% true in terms on personal feelings and the statement, it is just a guide/review that one can use as references~

Thursday, 13 March 2008

TasTy Treats...

Hari ini, we gone to the new "HOT" place in town(ok, i over exaggerate-.-)

It is a restaurant that newly open for business, the name is called "TasTy Treats"(hope i spell that right). It is situated in Jaya One in section 17. When i 1st heard the name i was like...

"err... why the name so obvious? Come on la! Use some nice words in it mah!

like stars(Starbucks)

or creative words like Friday(TGI Fridays)

or using some catchy words like condoms(Cabbages & Condoms in Thailand)

or even "The Fork-N-View"(in Sydney) ----> try to read it fast and you'll get it...

or use some inspiration from this "Man Bites Dog"(Yup! They sell hot dogs...)

All of the above sounds better then Tasty Treats right? Well at least that's what i think...
i wonder how they came out with this name for their restaurant, the story may goes like this...

Mei Ling : Hey! Ah Wong ah! What you think we should name our new restaurant ar??

Ah Wong : Aiyo! Ngo dim ji dou? I didn't even study standard 3 ok? You study till
form 1 lar! You ask me pula...

Mei Ling : Walao! Where got different? Haih... Let us call Ah Beng and ask lo... You

Ah Wong : Mou men tei! Wei! Ah Beng Ah? Got what name to intro?

Ah Beng : Taxi Threes! (Ah Beng was calling 3 cabs for his customers)

Ah Wong : (He miss heard it) Ta...sty.... Treeeees?

Mei Ling : Tasty Trees!?! Walao! We don't sell trees as food la! I think what he
means is Tasty Treats!

So that's how they name their restaurant... I think...

But DON'T GET ME WRONG! i LOVE their restaurant. Don't know why, even though they don't have much variety in it(but the owner did told me they would increase the menu next time), but the restaurant surrounding keeps me warm like I'm covered by my blanket. The atmosphere is soooooo darn good that i promise them I'll be back when they have new menu to choose. And don't forget that the MANFAN that i ordered is really tasty as well.

Atmosphere : 9 marks (The atmosphere give me a feel of calmness. 2 thumbs up^^)
Food : 8.5 marks (still can improve)
Service : 9.5 marks (people really friendly especially the auntie, i mean lady^^)
Price : 8 marks (Need a lot of improvement! At Least cheaper la!)

Overall : 87.5PERCENT!

So go there and have your lunch there if you must... I can't guaranteed is good but you can try it yourself.

After finish the lunch, we go back to the upcoming lecture.


Why the heck my nails is red?!! Well, i have this idea of painting nails red will be giving me good luck(Ling~ you better be right about this-.-) So I've decided to paint it. Looks kind of... er.... "ladyish"? Hope that this all works out...

(My friends going to assume I've been possessed by Ju-On or something...T.T)

~All of the statement above is my personal opinion & it may not be 100% true in terms on personal feelings and the statement, it is just a guide/review that one can use as references~

Wednesday, 12 March 2008



this is what you all have been waiting for.

Ladies and gentleman, I'm proud to present...


After 8 month in the making~ I've decided to cut my hair!(may god bless me!)

It all started way back in august when i gone to my nephew 1 year-old birthday party in Singapore! ^^
My bro brings me there and thank god he did(if not i have to take bus-.-" and might end up stopping at Batam...)
This is how my Handsome looking adorable yet beautiful nephew looks(i love him so much^^)Just born...^^Getting bigger...


Going back to Singapore, is like going to my 2nd home, because I've work there for 3 months and i frequently go back to visit them... And since my brother-in-law owns a salon, Of cause i won't be hesitated to have a hair cut there!(is like a ritual now, when i go back, surely kena potong 1...potong rambut...)

So there it goes, from that time until now, is 8 MONTHS! 8 MONTHS! i never leave my hair uncut for soooooooo long before, it is sooooo long we been together and now i need to CUT him out(sound like i'm killing him) and coincidentally, my hair "age" is the same as my long lost 6300 when "she" disappeared.

This is my old haircut...

Going through those days with those Korean influence looking hair, it kind of brings bad luck to me, SERIOUSLY! That's why now I've decided to cut my hair...
And a lot of people keep asking me to cut, so with active support and some passive initiative, i choose to say SAYONARA to my old haircut...

This haircut is kind of expensive to me T.T cause for a person that never pay above RM 20 for a haircut(excluding the fact that i cut my hair in Singapore), this is way too expensive(35bucks)


So, as i promise to you all, I've cut my hair...
So pleeeeeeeeeeeease don't say that i look like a mushroom anymore...
I like to EAT one but i don't like to BE one... -.-"

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

aNOther Of thOse days...

Today, we(my group) will be having our interviewing presentation as an assignment. Well, all i can say is that we did kind of good but Ms Surita say i look a little bit stiff like I'm constipating-.-"(may be is because i didn't finish memorising the scrip)

Anyway, we have a good laugh on it as our scrip is about TRANSSEXUAL,
(got your attention?^^)

Here's a sample of our scrip

"Darren: Being a transsexual is not easy as not many people can accept their friends
as a transsexual or going through a transsexual surgery.
Jessie : This is a reality, but in the movie, we are actually best friends before we
get ourselves involved in the relationship... "

"Jessie: Of course he is! You should see how he reacts when the first time they put
the fake breast on his chest. He was smiling all the way and keeps on
rubbing and rubbing…"

(If anyone wants the full original scrip just tell me and I'll give you straight away)

Other than that, there were an organization coming over to UTAR to promote their "wonderful glasses". Well i don't really care but since they are here, why not i go and "chao yit lao" right? ^^

Going through the test i found out that my eyes really, sadly, fantastically...

perfectly normal(normal as in still wearing my old glasses) So... mission accomplish...

After the class i straight went back to my home taking bus(kesian...) And i notice something...
Those that loses power will definitely be sabotage... Just take a look at the BN "HONOURABLE/MAJESTIC" sign board.

looks like "anjing makan tahi" or in chinese "gou chi shi" ^^

That's all for now as i'm really tired and worried for tomorrow test -.-"
so now have to "leave the scene".

Sunday, 9 March 2008

-Ramli burger-

Just coming back from Ramli Burger "buying ritual", and found out some really interesting news...

NOPE! Is not any special promotion from them...

And NO! IS not because DAP won the seats here so they take over Ramli burger and make it into Ah Beng Burger...

Is just a little news about the variety of Ramli Burger.


There were times where Ramli Burger comes with deer meat? YUP! It is deer meat!
Imagine you were munching a deer in your mouth with the sweet tender taste that combines with the juiciness of the deer. Hm... Yummy!

But sadly, according to my "unofficial informal almost casual" interview with the guy that sells Ramli Burger, he said the year 2006 was the year he last received the deer meat stock.

"Memang 2006lah yang saya last ambil stock rusa daging ini, tak hairanlah! Ia perlu cost yang tinggi untuk keluar..." he said.

After listening to that, i kind of recall back that we do have deer meat in the past... But then, the stock is no where to be found here.

If you think that's all the news i got, then you're wrong!

Later part of the conversation...ops! I mean interviewing, i found out that we even have RABBIT meat Ramli Burger. WHAT?!? Ya! you heard me right! RABBIT Burger, how frequent do you heard of RABBIT Burger? To me, is like listening to an ancient mythology^^

Listening to all that makes me realise how far we have come from the year we first have Ramli Burger till now, the rising of goods price is so darn scary until it stops the production of RABBIT(i'm desperately wanted to try) meat package(of cause there were others stuff as well-.-")

MORAL OF THE STORY: Cherish what you have now, cause you never know when you will folk up extra ringgit just to buy something you like.

~All of the statement above is my personal opinion & it may not be 100% true in terms on personal feelings and the statement, it is just a guide/review that one can use as references~

My 1st poem...

Time for reflection...

This year's Chinese New Year is probably the WORST CNY celebration i had in my life... Not just because we had less holiday that i normally want, but also because i lost one of the most precious thing in my life...


My 8 month old Nokia 6300(or 6301 depend on the location) being stole in the "nin cho sham" of the CNY. Bu**S***#$%@*$@#$@#@!!!! Everything is inside the phone! The memory we had, the contact numbers, and i just bought a 1GB memory card that day,
WuuUUuuu... (T.T)

That few days i mourn over the lost of it until i came about to write a poem to express how i feel, and that's how i start my life writing poems... ^^

My 1st poem... Here it goes...

My Beloved

phone, phone, phone,
Why thee... he stole.
i need thee more than any woman,
as thee worth more than a pot of gold.

the time when i live with thee,
through Sickness, through bath and on the field.
kicking the ball across the field,
always have thee in my view.

thy present makes me strong,
as i knew thee will always have my back.
going through the days when I'm sad,
thee'll be...
cheering me by playing a song.

Wind blows, earth shakes, my face dims.
Tears shows, smile fakes, sadly it seems.
breath of earth form the light,
give me strength and show me might.
i shall stand up, from the incident,
and be a better person without that pendant.

Well? What you all think? Feel free to write comment on it, any comment...
So i can improve... Thank you...
Ohya! One of my friend J said the poem i wrote sound more like writing to a girl then to a phone. He can't tahan of cause but well, that's suppose to be how it sounds. That's why i entitle it to be "My Beloved"^^