Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A small gathering at my place

Yours truly

Well, this entry has been postponed for too long so here goes nothing.

Had a small gathering with Ah Yan, Ah Jan, Sam and me at my place few weeks back.
It was so blAaaardy spontaneous that I virtually have no prepare for it.

After having Kin Kin chilli Pan Mee that morning, I told Sam and Jan that I would make Tapas for leisure later.
Who knows, they are so into Tapas and we decided to buy the ingredients from Jusco (I think) and go straight to my place for Tapas.

Sam brought her own absolute vodka and thank god we did that.

Making Tapas isn't that difficult when you have the heart and experience (I made Bruschetta before), armed with my Tapas recipe book, I continued to make my choice of Catalan toasts and Wild Mushroom and allioli toasts.

It is cool preparing food with my friends, though, both of them ate my Baby Roma tomatoes more than helping me =.="

But nonetheless, mucho gracias, mi amigos.

After finishing the last piece of Tapas, we brought Ah Yan back to my place again and we played PS2, card games, accompanied with vodka, Tapas and some....food... that I have no idea what it's called ^^"

Lazy day, exhausting day. But full of fun.
and my Tapas taste really good :P heh heh!

All right. That's all for now.
Till next time.


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee @ Cheras

Okay the post has been dragged too long. So here it is.

Ever since I started working, hunting for good food has been on top of my list.
This time, the so-called best chilli Pan Mee is my target.

I didn't went to the original outlet (Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman) but gone to the outlet in Pandan Indah, Cheras.

The differences between these two outlets are:

Cheras..............................Chow Kit
Hygiene: Cleaner..................Dirtier
Service : Rock......................Like a rock down your throat
Price : Malaysian economy.......Malaysian economy
Taste : Godly.......................Devilish Godly

(All of the above are compared from personal experience and other bloggers' experience I found through the net)

Even though this new outlet is much bigger and they covered TWO rooms at the same time,
the food serving speed ain't fast enough.

Sadly they only have ONE kitchen to serve TWO shop lots.

It is like using one piece of toilet papers for two assess when you shit.

I've tried the food, it wasn't that SUPER DUPER OH-MY-GOD tasty like how I thought it would.
But nonetheless, it sure taste so good you want to keep eating it (May be it's down to the psychological factor that we waited for so long, so it must be good, right?)

The chilli flakes is darn spicy, man, this is definitely not for the NOOBS in spicy food.
I put 3 spoonful of the chilli flakes and damn, I was wrong for doing that.

Since I ordered dried mee, it is bloody dry and with chilli flakes on top, it is super spicy compare to the soup base as the chilli here has no where to go but with the noodles. -.-

The soft boiled eggs taste really good as the way to eat it is to mix everything together in the bowl and eat it after that.

Something like this...

If I need to describe the 'journey' I've finished this bowl of noodles, it would be something like this...

A tough journey starts from zero, chewing strings of explosives in a fully-contained environment gave tonnes of bombardments in the area. As the explosives bombarded the reservoir of ice, ocean of saliva flows out and BAMB!!! SCREAMS of TEARS from the contained-environment sending signals to the brain to STOP EATING!! But heck, as a man, I'll not bow down. Carrying the burden of this spice of life, I've finished this journey finally.

So, that's how the Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee's noodle taste like, I can't complain much as it does satisfied me in a way.
So, until next time.
Be careful of your food choice.

Next entry would be about the Tapas + Vodka party at my place.