Thursday, 31 December 2009

2010 - A New Year Resolution

*Shake your tailfeather (remix) version playing in the background*

Rain drops drizzles down on my 'beloved' ss2. Means it bloody going to have lightning storm again :/
Okay, I'm a bit exaggerating over here but who wouldn't when the a brand new year is around the corner -.-

Looking back on 2009, I've really lost a lot of my precious time doing basically nothing other than Facebook, Facebook and Facebook. I've gone to less night clubs in 2009, but I spent more on it. Weird...

Besides starting to understand the meaning of friendship, I've started to cherish those friends I've known and hang out with since a few years back. My usual Taiping kaki like Eddy and Woon Kiat has become a big part of me in going through the year of 2009.

Then, I've gotten to know the importance of having cousins and relatives. The days I live in Jeram (my mom's hometown) made me realised that relatives does provide a good platform for me to get help. Okay, I'm being too realistic here but this is really the main reason I've become more close to them. Of course along the way, I've found that they are more than just 'allies' when I need help, but they are my closest connection I have, since we share the same blood from the same tree.
I love them even more each and every single day.

Hmmm... Enough of 2009, let us get going on 2010!!!

New Year Resolution for 2010:
1) Get myself away from having bad debts; stop going to night clubs; must have less visits to Cyber Cafe for Dota and Left For Dead 2 =.=

2) Look for a job that relates to what I'm studying. Seriously, I really need to buckle up.

3) Practice how to drive a car in KL since I will be having one soon :/ Driving in KL needs more than guts, wits is important as well. Thinking of having a GPS too, just in case a nut-shell like me get myself lost in the middle of KL.

4) Decrease my daily-involves Facebook games to 2.
I'm serious. You have no idea how many hours I've spent DAILY on these games :/
I've spent so much time here until Facebook might hired me as their moderator soon =.=

5) Write at least 2 blog entries a week. Hehe! This is to ensure frequent traffic to my blog^^v

6) Save money, for the sake of going bungee jumping in Australia. Ann, I will try hard to save enough for that jump that I promised T^T

(might add others at the end of the day)



One of the Jeram days #1

Okay, while I was staying in Jeram - a place between Kampar and Ipoh, my life is just plain boring.

First, being an obedient boy that respect his grandmother, I've accompany my grandma to Kampar in the cock-cooing morning of 8 in the morning. She said she plans to deposit some cash into the bank. Am Bank that is.

Got to say we have some luck, our deposit earn us a chance to grab money... literally...

Am Bank branch in Kampar held this event where whoever that deposited RM 500 will have a chance to "grab cash". It sounded great at first, but who knows, the only thing we are going to grab is color paper.


After my grandma got some KFC voucher from the so call money-grabbing program, I went to the nearest public place to online.

IT IS RIDICULOUS!The main Kampar town only have ONE freaking place that provides Wifi spot for internet users like us.

And that is KFC...
And I have to ask strangers to get to know the place.
Hehe! I asked from a pretty one too ^^"

Coincidentally, the whole KFC was crowded with kindergarden kids from the nearest town. I mean the WHOLE KFC outlet.

After finishing my meal at KFC, I went to UTAR KAMPAR CAMPUS to meet some Head of Department (H.O.D.) to get some information on my FYP.

After that meet up, I have to walk to the nearest bus stop, and it was 30 FREAKING MINUTES AWAY!!!!

Imagining walking 30 minutes under the scorching hot sun with a bulky laptop bag that contain a 17 inch laptop.
Trust me, it is not something you want to try (T^T)

Haih... After that day, I just couldn't stand the grief of walking so I ended up asking my kind-hearted aunt May to fetch me to UTAR. Thank you, aunt ^^



Friday, 4 December 2009

Currently busy with FYP

So not much to write aside from the life of me in Jeram.

Jeram, a place between Ipoh and Kampar was a place where people lives a simple life of getting awake 6 am in the morning (my grandma), go to the fruit farm for work (uncles and aunties), and eat Lui Cha (擂茶)= a form of vegetarian cuisine that my aunts always make. Wow! talk about 'fun'.

Few days ago, I've gone to Bukit Tambun Ipoh to get myself sunk in the hot water. It feels bloody good ^^ and I can't agree more when my aunt say "You will feel blur blur after sinking yourself into the hot water, once you get home, you will sleep like sleeping beauty and never gonna wake up again"

That is exactly what happened few days ago when I'm done with the hot spring. Ohyeah~

Feeling the cold rain on my face while getting half sunk in hot water. A feeling that I will never forget.

The water was so hot, that once I thought of bringing an egg and try cooking it XD
Or may be I'm just getting a little bit insane.

Again, sorry for the late post, a lot happen in those few weeks.
I will post it here once I'm mentally ready for it.