Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The CURVE, celebrate it with LOVE! NOT LIQUOR!


So the story went on...

next we took her to the washroom, while doing so, Joy took a picture of us with the mystery guess and we actually post in front of the camera -.-"

Bad boy, king... bad boy...

There aren't any room in either of the toilet so we "threw" her into the disables toilet,
she looks like a disable to me so it should be alright.

later and finally, we took her to the hotel...
YummY! heheheh!
Four guys, 1 drunk girl...
You know what happen next la...
1st we bath her,
striped her,
and finally put her on the bed before we...

well, it is not what you think,
Yes, we did bath her, but it was done by the girls...
Ya, we did striped her, and it was again done by the girls...
and yes, she is half naked...only... Covered by a blanket of course -.-
But we can't and won't do anything as she's more like a zombie now than ever...

when is all over, me Dc, Fel and Joy went back to the club and cont' partying...
with 5 minutes left-.-"
We paid RM90++ and this is what we got...
taking care of a drunk chick...
Happy New Year everyone...

But hey! I did saw the fireworks display that day, so it's not that awfully bad right?

P.s. Later we found out that she's been drugged by the stranger that offered us drinks, so ladies and gentlemen, be careful when you receive a drink from a stranger!!



Due to sensitivity issue, I removed all the photos and videos that involved her. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The CURVE, celebrate it with LOVE not alcohol! Part 2

This is the continuation of the previous post on my new year celebration

Okay, now the question is, who's the mysterious guess?

No! Not any big celebrity from foreign country...
And No! Not even from our country.
But i did bump into 8tv's host Belinda at The Curve.
Damn! Real person looks even hotter and slimmer! She's pretty alright...

But still that's not the mysterious guess i was mentioning about.

Actually, she's not what you might be thinking, She's just a normal girl that i got introduced to that day.

We finally start drinking after she arrived, because at 1st DC planned to drink liquor after 11pm, but of course, this plan "vanquish, destroy, pecah" once people started to ask for it.

And... so... we... drink...

We drink from inner Sanctuary(dance floor) to outer Sanctuary.

Dance like nobody business,
Shake like tomorrow is "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

So we party all the way till 12am and watch the fireworks danced and exposed their wonderful inner beauty to audience around The Curve.
It was a wonderful night as it was beautiful...
The fireworks lasted more than 6minutes... It was the nicest I've seen in years...

But after that, the tide turned the other way. The mysterious guess got drunk, and she ain't no nice girl when she drunk.

She puked(like any other drunklords)
She faint(like any other drunkladies)
She got heavier(Which like...)

(Video removed due to sensitivity)

I have no idea she got heavier until i put my hands around her waist trying to carry her.
Damn! Suddenly only she gained weight!?!
Later i found out this is due to the liquor, When one drunk, one would double their original weight, because they will have no foundation when we carry them.

She drunk and looks like a puddle of mud... Just like in the old Chinese proverb...

Haihh... 1st we try to "wake" her up by SQUEEZING...... lemon to her mouth.
But this result in vain as we used up FOUR lemon and she ain't even moving...

Then I requested hot water from the bartender and try to RUB her face with a hot towel. She tried to push it away and eventually have to surrender...
No, not her that's surrender but US...
She still in "coma" after all that rubbing.
In the end, we decided to carry her to another place so that she won't be in any trouble to other party animals there.

It took FOUR OF US just to carry her to another "safer" place out of horny drunklards reach^^
Each of the guys carry one of her arms and legs.

We look like we are carrying a corpes instead of a hot chick that day.

Damn embarrasing-.-"

...To be Continued...

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Love Story by Rain

Okay, usually I won't post any lyrics here as it would just...
well, lyrics...
But then, a wise own man once said

"You'll share what you like to the world to double the happiness, so start sharing today!!!"

Therefore, this is the lyrics to the song I'm furiouslly adore right now.
It is Rain's "Love Story". The rythem and melody just so wonderful...
I'm just loving it ^^

Note: This is the Hanggul version. There is the english version but I like Hanggul version more.


Love Story (Korean) lyrics

This is my story
It's true
Ok listen

Oh baby neoege hago shipeodeon geu mal
Naui mamsok aneseo nareul seulpeugehan geu mal
Uri saranghaetjiman gal su eobseotdeon geu iyul
Babogachi amumaldo jeonhalsu eobseone

Hanbeonman deo gihwereul jwo
Naneun mollasseosseo neoui maumi byeonhangeonji
Ajik neujin anhajanha
Bireotjiman chagapge doraseon ni moseub


Jinsilhaetdeon sarang iyagi
Modeungeol da
Bachyeotdeon naui iyagi
Hajiman ijen kkeucheul modu maejeobeorin
Jinagan naui sarangiya
I love you ajikdo saranghae

Soljikhan naui mam sori
Modeungeol da
Bachilsu ineun dajimeul
Marhago ineungeoya naege dorawajwo
Yeongwonhi kidarilkke neol
I love you ajikdo saranghae


Oh saranghaetjanha neoneun ijeulsu ini
Chueoksogui sarang neoneun nareul ddeonatjiman
Nawa haetdeon yaksogeun amugeotdo aningeonji
Neoneun useumyeonseo naui yaegilhadeora

Jugeulgeot gachi nan apa oh no
Danji dan hanbeonman neowa hamkke halsuman itdamyeon
Nan sumeul shilsuga eobseo
Naui modeungeotdeuri neoreul wonhajanha


Jinsilhaetdeon sarang iyagi
Modeungeol da
Bachyeotdeon naui iyagi
Hajiman ijen kkeucheul modu maejeobeorin
Jinagan naui sarangiya
I love you ajikdo saranghae

Soljikhan naui mam sori
Modeungeol da
Bachilsu ineun dajimeul
Marhago ineungeoya naege dorawajwo
Yeongwonhi kidarilkke neol
I love you ajikdo saranghae


Nado itneunda
Jumeok jwimyeo
Naemami gormaseo deo isangeun mothagesseo
Neowaui gaseumsok modeun inyeondeureul

Hangajiman gieokhae neoui modeungeol da
Ana julsu isseotdeon namja nayeotdangeol
Ijen neo eobsido mwodeun haenaelkkeogo
Jigeum inoraereul deureo


Neol hyanghan sarang iyagi (ne sarang iyagi)
Modeungeol da
Bachyeotdeon naui sunjeongi
Huhwedoejinanha ijen ijeulkkeoya
Jinagan naui sarangiya
I love you ajikdo saranghae

Majimak neol hyanghan moksori
Modeungeol da
Algoineun naui wechimi
Deullindamyeon naegyeote dashi dorawajwo
Yeongwonhi neoreul saranghae
I love you neomaneul saranghae

Baby please come back to me
I miss you baby

~~~~~~~~~~~Divider, just like what u see on the road~~~~~~~~~~~

There you have it, I might explain what's the lyric meant in the next post,
but just like wise man used to said

"Life is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you get."

Hm... I wonder who said it^^
Can you give a guess?



Tuesday, 6 January 2009


"Smack that, give me some more... Smack that..."
*Akon's smack that playing in the background*

Why got Smack That? Because that's the song i sang that day, 5th Jan 09.
That's the day ME, KL and WyeMeign FIRST GO OUT TOGETHER in the morning...

Well, it was intended to be in the morning until...
This is the story...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I'm the boundary can't U see?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
On the way to One Utama

ME: "Hm... Should I call KL just to make sure she remember this outing?
Nah... I trust her..."

*Ringtone ringing*
[WyeMeign: haha! I saw you de. XD]

ME: "WHAT?!?"

*Turn around*
ME: "AH~ there you are!"

*WM and I chat till we arrived*

~~~~~~~~~~~~Shhhhhh... I'm differencing the space~~~~~~~~~~~

In front of GSC
Supposedly we are meeting up

WM: "Where is she? Is she stuck in a traffic jam..."
ME: "Erm... I trust her! SHe'll be here!"
WM: "Why don't you call her?"

ME: "No one answer..."
WM: "Let me try..."

WM: "Wei! KL? Where are you now?"
KL: "Hmm?? At home loOOoo..." *mumbling*
WM: "You just woke up??"
KL: "YaaaAAaaaa..."

-------------\o/ WHAT!!!
--/ \

ME: "Great, we can go eat bread! Haha! ha..ha... haih..."
WM: "Let's go book the room now..."

So that's the little problem we faced.
But is ok^^
Friends mah!
No matter how badly you mess up, we still forgive you^^

That's what friends for...

Anyway, Neway is really a nice place to sing your heart out, why? This is because...
It's affordable(for student with ID card)
It's 5 hour straight!!(If you take the happy hour plan start at 1pm till 6pm)
That's the package we've took, it includes a salad thingy and free drinks for 3 of us but some how free drinks doubled... haha! No idea why...
We paid RM20 each included all which i think is really a good price when considering you can sing...


This is CRAZY! This is the 1st time I sing for 5 hours!

My throat feels like desert that filled with poisonous snakes,

Nose feels like not being use for hundreds of years...

My soul feels like mother earth with all of my baby trees been chopped off before they were even reaching puberty...

Just feel like dying... nearly...

Singing my favourite K-song "ye qu" by Jay Chou
HEHE! We actually continue to sing even after 6pm cause the waiters not clearing things up^^
and started to camwhoring for an hour... Ehem...


Finish, after having out dinner, we headed separate ways, from the way KL waving goodbye at us, i can see that she'll be missing us...
Ya, we will be missing you dearly o!

Just so you know, if you need a listener, or a shoulder to cry on, or even feels like shooting people(^^")you can always look for us ya!
We'll be there for you^^

Mother and father with their daughter... haha^^"



Acknowledgement: KL~ for the name THREESOME, haha! Nice one, KL!
WM~ for telling me how KL looks when she waving goodbye at us...
good observation skill o!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

The CURVE, celebrate it with LOVE! Part 1

I've decided to skip a few entries to cover this event,
what else? Then the New Year Celebration at The Curve.

As we all might know, The Curve have been the "place to be" when it comes to festive season such as Christmas and New Year and etc. The deco there will always amazes us all by its detail approach and "lighten" environment.
(Woo, enlightening)
With posh restaurant and shops surrounded the area, it is really a place to be when you feel like hanging out in KL.

Thanks to DC, i have my FIRST NY Celebration there!
*Tarzan punching his chest*

The night started when Felicia picks us up in ss2 and we drove aallll the way to The Curve, damn, Traffic Jam...

worst than Thailand's highway... If you guys have gone through that you'll know...
My friend once drove in Thai's highway and it took him more than 5 hours just to get to the nearest city...

And he had to pee in his water bottle because he never expected that to happen

...enough of Thailand.

So we 'cut' here and there and we reached The Curve.
My heart was pouncing with joy (-.- No, not u Joy) and my anticipation for tonight's clubbing and 'coundowning' party is like a...

Shy female gorilla anticipating her child's birth

Whoo! I'm soo high right now even though I've gone through that! ^^"
Okay, me, DC, Felicia and Joy wandered around The Curve like 4 "just born child" first set eyes on the world before we ended up having dinner at "Dragon I"(I think that's the name)
After much time wasted on deciding what to eat, unanimously we choose to order 4 dishes just like having homecook meal.
Wonderful! Feels like home!

Then, Sanctuary is the place to be...
We reserved a place for 4(later 5) and started to chill there, drinking Black Label and coke while waiting for the coundown to begin...

Suddenly, The mystery guess appeared...
Because of this mystery guess, ALL FOUR OF US have an unforgetable New Year Celebration that comes with dissapointment, fatigue, laughter and a lot of liquor...

Why? I'll discuss it in part 2...