Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Since no one read my blog anymore

I'm gonna say this...

I'm planning to venture into a business soon!

Watch out!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Change of Tide

"Forward!!", said the Captain.

"But we are heading towards the whirlpool, sir!", yelled Keown.

As Oriental Star crushes towards the waves, more and more parts of the ship being swallows by the sea. The Armada mission was never gonna work, as the vision and mission of the Admiral of the Fleet has always been on roaming the sea alone. His command and overseeing all the missions have garnered not trust but disappointments among his captains. Now, as the front line has crumbled against the overcoming enemy, the Admiral still listen to the advice of the wicked and ancient man, while the bold and courages suffer in neglects.

"Man, It's been an honoured serving with you." sigh the Captain.

"You're betraying the fleet now, Captain? But Why?", uttered Santandor.

"A better place, a promise land. This place is no longer worth fighting for." Captain says.

Another land, another adventure.

Stay tuned for better future.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

治标不治本 Root is still the problem

There was a time, when mere ignorance rules the land. The person does not see or reluctant to see the real truth behind the efficiency and productivity of his battle grown. The assume distraction of social box isn't the reason that fuels lack of activity among his brethren. The real reason behind such result is the sheer amount of responsibility his men has to carry. The orders from General of the Army towards his prep room flood the air we breathe, the room we shit, and the water we drink. Thus, the elimination of social box won't result in better efficiency between missions. Only by having more men that we are able to fight on par with the enemy. However, that's not what the Commander had in mind.

It proves time and time again that the surroundings has pushed the prep room to the boundary, over the hills and into the sea. We are at our limits, and yet, the Commander decides to take away the only sweets we have in this war of attrition. Right now, the enemy is at the gate, the brethren still have no idea when will the chaos strikes, we are on our own, for once... or is it?

Any how, the war is made up of battles, short peace time, truce and cunning tricks. It's time for me to have a deserve break. A totally different route I shall take, that will make my life more hearty. A different route one's take, will eventually bring a different life. Perhaps, a good one too.

The adventure begins in 2030. May the best man wins! (There goes my sleep)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Ms Independent

A girl who knows what she wants,
A girl who embrace and support empowering of women,
A girl who has her own thoughts,
Never bow down to life challenges.

A boy who knows what he desires,
A boy who embrace the money world and his investments,
A boy who still finding his ropes,
Never he knew about his true potential.

She walks through the woods with sunshine on her face,
Eyes that pierce gloomy hearts,
Smiles that melts despair minds,
Enough to cleanse the idle soul.

Time is now to make a change,
Time is now to find a balance point,
Time is now to grow,
Time is now to make a case.

Ms Independent, I'll make you worth much more.