Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Change of Tide

"Forward!!", said the Captain.

"But we are heading towards the whirlpool, sir!", yelled Keown.

As Oriental Star crushes towards the waves, more and more parts of the ship being swallows by the sea. The Armada mission was never gonna work, as the vision and mission of the Admiral of the Fleet has always been on roaming the sea alone. His command and overseeing all the missions have garnered not trust but disappointments among his captains. Now, as the front line has crumbled against the overcoming enemy, the Admiral still listen to the advice of the wicked and ancient man, while the bold and courages suffer in neglects.

"Man, It's been an honoured serving with you." sigh the Captain.

"You're betraying the fleet now, Captain? But Why?", uttered Santandor.

"A better place, a promise land. This place is no longer worth fighting for." Captain says.

Another land, another adventure.

Stay tuned for better future.

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