Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 New Year Resolution

After writing the New year resolution for 2010 so that I can at least have a target for myself so that
I won't look so useless when I reflect on my life of what I did for 2010.

Pathetic? Yeah, maybe. At least I'm better than those that wasted their 2010 basically doing nothing that would help them :P

I did completed 4 out of 6 resolution for 2010. So I think I can manage the future resolutions.

Now I'm going to go straight into my 2011 New Year Resolution.

1) Earn more $$$$$. Increase my monthly income to 3k-4k. (Thanks to you, Mr. MyVi)
A bit unrealistic maybe. But it is possible. Trust me.

2) Jog/Swim/Biceps training at least once a week. (My dumbbells have been lying around for quite
some time -.-)

3) Meet up with my old pals and new buddies. (Seriously, after I moved out to OUG, I've not been meeting up with them often. Miss ya guys.

4) Have at least 7 hours of sleep everyday. (I can't seem to have 8 hours of sleep a day like how I use to be)

5) Succeed in doing all the resolutions above. (Okay, this is a cheat, but hey! If I could do the above 4, I deserved the extra "completed resolutions", right?

This year will be a tough one for the Rabbits (Zodiac). As we are "offending Tai Shui". So, Rabbits, work harder!

Till then