Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ipoh Trip: 1st stop. Ipoh Famous Yong Tau Foo @ Pasir Pinji Big Tree Foot

All right. I have been MIA for so long saying I would stop blogging here.
I... guess I changed my mind.

So, here I am, once again.
Writing about my blas and blus and most of all...



Me and Sam thought of going for a trip during our 3 days holidays from the end of April till Labour Day.
Hardly we have been granted three VALUABLE holidays and thus, making a good use of it is our main priority.

After departing from my office at 1pm, we reached Ipoh around 3.40pm, can't blame me,
the traffic is congested along the highway -.-

Our first stop is none other than Pasir Pinji Big Tree Foot Yong Tau Foo.

This reputation of it isn't something of a hoax, the Yong Tau Foo (Yong Liew) made from the fish paste really taste fresh and every bite just brings you to another level of comfort... "food comfort". Every little Yong Liew we ate was definitely worth its money as the Yong Liew are stuffed packed, ensuring every bite is a BOMB!

I nearly forgot to mention about the soup base of the Yong Tau Foo, it is HEAVENLY!
The anchovies (ikan bilis)-based soup is very concentrated. Though a bit salty, it saltiness and the taste of the ikan bilis blend well with the fried Yong Liew.

Going at 60-70 cents per piece, this delicious masterpiece is definitely a must-go for anyone.

Here is the LOCATION of the place if you need to refer to the Google Map.

Author's note: The location is quite isolated from the town. So, make sure you look carefully in your search.


My post will be shorter compare to last time, but I'll make sure every word speaks content.

Till then,