Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Demoodalisation [13/10/08]

Demoodalisation is a state where a person become NOT moody due to external happening, you'll find this word in the dictionary soon(if i suggest to them of course^^)

Actually, the day was good and fun, i was doing my part at the Cultural Exchange event at UTAR & was happily finishing everything before i went home.
Once i've reached ss2, WyeMeign called me asking me to go out and "yamcha" at Island Cafe(It has been our MUSTGO destination since we 1st met^^)
Thinking WM will only be here when KL is here too making me 100% sure KL will be there...
& I ain't wrong about it.
*Looking at the crystal ball while "rubbing" it*

& there they are...

It has been a while since i last met WM & seeing her again remind me of the good old days...
Okay... We are not that old... -.-"
So, like what I've predicted, KL was there too.
So 3 of us chat like nobody else business just like we used to and laughter surges all over the place killing anyone that gets in their way^^
in conclusion, we have a blast of our life...


KL :"I feel like my car is stuck la..."
WM :"Erm, don't worry, later when the pasar malam(nightmarket) over then u move ur car la."
King:"Wat! KL, u park ur car there?"
King:"But the pasar malam won't finish until 11am, ops, i mean pm. U beter move ur car now just in case"

*1 minute later*

KL:"AIYOOOO! The uncle doin his business there complaint to me saying he lost quite amount of business due to me la... & my car got SCRATCHES!! AHH! Wat shud i do..."
WM:"Sayang, no choice but to wait lo..."
King:"WIsh u good luck... You need it."

So our conversation going no where because KL was busy looking outside(not to the moon obviously) to her car...
Judging she will be depressed like hell if she keep on staring her car,
WM offer a painkiller asking us for a trip to the Mid Valley.
So, we went there...
& KL seems to be relieved...

Since we don't have a car now, Taxi was our only option as it was raining that time, so the moody feeling get the best of us, & we've been "demoodalise".

we shop...(skipping the boring part) and i was holding the hiragana writings and practice along the time we shop, which i think is inappropriate, and i look like doing research to all the shop we've went in... weird la...

WM suggested we have our dinner and KL just hop-up and ORDERED us to have it in SUSHI KING... ya, cause she's the boss today mah...
But sadly,
the queue at SUSHI KING stretches so long till i think Jalan P.Ramlee got jam because of it ^^"

So they got no choice but to follow my plan to have dinner at Sushi Zen(Tribute to my queen as she intro me there)*cheers*

KL's Salmon Don(Wise choice, my friend)

Both of them try to open their eyes real hard and WM prevails! Hurray! JKJK^^"

By right i was suppose to do another food review on the sushi's we had, but, i forgot the took pictures...
Nevermind, all i can say is, their Salmon Don is the best among all of it(tribute to my queen again for the intro) *hands clap*

Later, we said goodbye to WM because she need to go back as her parents wre concern about her. Then, me and KL go shop... again...
We went home about 50minutes later as that's about time the pasar malam will close...
And we are soooo wrong, they work hard that day and continue doing their job...
Kesian KL...

So we lepak until the night is over(I'm exaggerating again)
We talk, and talk, and crap... but that's another story...



Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Dragon One ss2

No.59, Gound Flr, Jalan SS2/75,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Dragon One,

nope, it is not a new online RPG game from Blizzard.
& no, it is not a new TVB drama.
Dragon One is infact, a restaurant.

I can't believe i didn't notice this restaurant for the past 8 months, don't know why, may be is because it is situated beside the all famous MURNI restaurant there.
So all the focus is on MURNI, not Dragon... Kesian -.-"

But anyway, that day rain heavily till my dear queen has to come early to have dinner with me.
At 1st, we plan to dine at MURNI(sry Dragon 1, i didn't know about you back then -.-)
But since it is crowded, we ended up eating at Dragon One, & we didn't regret ever since.

The restaurant was surrounded with waves of red ^^", bright and colorful at the same time, and since that's a rainy day, the moody feeling was CRUSHED by this theme of colors. Thank god.

Small problem happened though, there was this waiter, I'm not sure where he's from, because his accent sounds strange for a chinese even though he looks like it...

He actually looks like a vietnamese that is wrapped with an orange skin if you know what i mean ^^ But his eyes, looks different. & I'm more convinced he's not a Chinese after he did this to us...

He say yes, yes, yes in everything we've ordered, but then, he miss out 1 order from us. Darn! & i still thought they are sooooooooo considerate for not serving us the other noodles because we haven't finish the 1st food we've ordered...
Stupid waiter, a person that's deaf serves food better than him...


The Noodle Crab RO(noodle) i've ordered tasted like heaven, the soup taste sooooo mild and smooth until it triggered my urge to devour it even more... I finished the whole bowl of noodles including the soup. It was really really REALLY


But the trademark of the restaurant is the Shanghai Dumpling they offered, got step-by-step on how to eat o!

but really, if you follow the steps, you will taste the dumpling as how it should be tasted...

It will be the best experience you'll get. Because that's what i had^^

All in all, we spent RM 29.90

Noodle Crab RO = Rm 8.80
Shanghai Dumpling = Rm 6.00
Sour Plum Lemon = Rm 4.80
Milk Tea = Rm 2.80
ZC Noodle = Rm 6.80

Atmosphere : 8.0 (normal, simple)
Service : 7.50 (The super waiter... Cannot tahan...)
Food : 9.0 (Close to getting 9.50)
Price : 8.5 ( i think is worth it... REALLY!!)

OVERALL : 82.5%

This is what we had after Dragon, finally, for over 2 months we've waited...

Green Tea Snowy Ice finally arrived...



~All of the statement above is my personal opinion & it may not be 100% true in terms on personal feelings and the statements, it is just a guide/review that one can use as reference~